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Air 2005
Burton - Air
It’s alive! Deep within the darkest catacombs of Burton board lab, Burton scientists uncovered the cryogenically frozen genetic code of a board light-years ahead of its time. Behold... the Air™. Rebuilt from scratch, the Air incorporates technology worlds beyond the land it once ruled. The all-new Air blends pop and strength and a directional shape with... More»
Baron ES 2005
Burton - Baron ES
Finally, a high-end board for riders with BIG feet. Take the proven construction and ride characteristics of the Baron™, increase longitudinal snap with the implanted Carbon I-Beam™ and add Dual Warp Lite Triax™ fiberglass for high-speed, big-balls power and you get all-mountain prowess for the large-footed soldier. From hips to groomers to off-piste sta... More»
Canyon 2005
Burton - Canyon
The aggressive all-terrain wide board. The tried-and-true choice for riders with larger feet, the Canyon™ perfectly blends stability, snap and response in an all-mountain board. Whether floating down a wide-open face or spinning off a handmade hit, the Canyon’s torsionally solid flex and overall tough construction deliver precision performance that’s eas... More»
Clash 2005
Burton - Clash
A no-nonsense all-mountain machine. With enough flex for the park, yet enough stability to rip the entire mountain, the versatile Clash™ is the ideal choice for riders who want the quality ride of a high-end board at an affordable price. The updated slightly tapered shape promotes quick, easy turn initiation and exit and stability at speeds. The agile si... More»
Cruzer 2005
Burton - Cruzer
Progression has never been smoother. Built to give riders confidence, the Cruzer’s mellow flex, soft torsional forgiveness and stable feel make it the best choice for quick, pain-free progression on all types of terrain. Built to tear through any condition it encounters, the tapered shape equals effortless turning. The best quality and value in freeride ... More»
Custom 2005
Burton - Custom
A quiver of one. From powder to rails to park and pipe, the Custom™ can do it all. Proving that the best never rest, we refined the 05 Custom with a directional shape that doesn’t limit freestyle capabilities, while adding tail length for improved switch take-offs and landings in any condition. Developed, tested and refined by a group of riders headed u... More»
Custom LE 2005
Burton - Custom LE
Ostrich leather, what? Burton pimped out the Custom LE with a super supple and incredibly durable leather topsheet for the ultimate in buttery smooth originality. Featuring the same ride as the refined 05 Custom, Burton tweaked the design with a directional shape for all-mountain agility, while adding tail length for improved switch take-offs and landing... More»
Custom X 2005
Burton - Custom X
Exponentially advanced. If you want the all-terrain versatility of the world-renowned Custom™, built with only the finest materials available, the Custom X™ is the only choice. With design input by Dave Downing, Burton re-engineered the construction by maximizing the fiberglass for an optimized strength-to-weight ratio that doesn’t sacrifice durability, s... More»
Domafari 2005
Burton - Domafari
Welcome to the jungle. Inspired by retro Safari graphics from our archives, the limited edition Domafari rips the on-snow jungle in style. With the same true twin-tip freestyle shape and torsionally forgiving flex as the Dominant, this mellow ride locks into jibs and pops off kickers with quick handling and superior stompability. The light and durable Su... More»
Dominant 2005
Burton - Dominant
Dom-A-Ducci style. From sessioning a handcrafted hit to spinning laps through the park, the Dominant™ shows no mercy. With a true twin-tip freestyle shape and torsionally forgiving flex, this mellow ride locks into jibs and pops off kickers with quick handling and superior stompability. The light and durable Super Fly® core, engineered for chatter-free e... More»
Feather 2005
Burton - Feather
The board more women ride than any other. Already a favorite among women who love to ride everywhere, the Feather™ only gets better in 2005 with upgraded features and tech. Rebuilt from the ground up for a smoother feel and quicker edge-to-edge performance, the Feather’s updated shape has a slight taper for lightning-fast turn initiation and exit. The Fe... More»
Feelgood ES 2005
Burton - Feelgood ES
The all-mountain dominatrix. Victoria Jealouse helped Burton create the all-new Feelgood ES™, a fully loaded, high-performance series with top-shelf tech designed for the female rider. Take it in the park, in tight trees or on East Coast blue ice – the super-responsive, high-performance Feelgood ES is fine-tuned to handle anything. The Dragonfly™ core pro... More»
Fish 2005
Burton - Fish
Surf the snow. The surf-inspired design of the Fish™ utilizes a unique shape to deliver the purest freeride experience possible. Whether dropping cliffs or exploring the woods, the tapered shape equals a playful feel in any snow condition. The shorter, wider shape allows you to size 3 to 6 cm down from your normal board, for a design that allows you to r... More»
Jeremy Jones 2005
Burton - Jeremy Jones
Barrier-breaking freestyle demolition. Whether he’s shattering street rail standards or charging backcountry booters worldwide, Jeremy doesn’t quit until his footage is perfect. The same attitude holds true for his two uniquely engineered freestyle models. The torsionally forgiving 151 delivers mad pop for Jeremy’s all-around skate-influenced jib style a... More»
Jussi 2005
Burton - Jussi
Take a ride with Jussi.
Well, it’s official. Jussi isn’t human, and because of that he has a different eye for riding. From backcountry booters to inner-city rails to just dorking with friends, this snappy and responsive performance-driven board helps you nail the sickest tricks, while providing enough stability so you can have fun learning new one... More»
Malolo 2005
Burton - Malolo
The future of snowboard design. The Malolo™, which means “flying fish” in Hawaii, uses an unconventional shape for optimal powder performance with all-terrain freestyle feel. Embodying Terje’s unconventional thinking, the moderate 20mm of taper equals serious float for effortless glide over virgin powder, while remaining equally playful on groomers. Desi... More»
Powers 2005
Burton - Powers
Crush all contenders.
Redesigned for 2005, the Powers™ thrives off massive air, precision and technical wizardry. We increased the board’s stability by reducing the sidecut and engineering a slightly softer flex for a more versatile feel so Ross can continue to expand his freestyle domination. At home in the park or pipe, the Powers has directional... More»
Raven 2005
Burton - Raven
Quick edge-to-edge transitioning and stability at warp speeds join forces with a lively flex to make the Raven™ the ultimate high-performance freestyle board. This is the board riders like Keir Dillon, Kelly Clark and Frederik Kalbermatten use to slay burly backcountry booters, monster hips and straight-up savage step-ups. We mold a dire... More»
S-Series 2005
Burton - S-Series
Escape. When you want to self-propel yourself to the pearly-white gates of powder nirvana on the world’s best split board, the S-Series™ is the only answer. Developed with Dave Downing, the S-Series converts into a pair of touring skis in minutes for quick and easy backcountry access. This board delivers a responsive, stable ride, and the mechanisms are ... More»
Seven 2005
Burton - Seven
Roll deep. Re-designed by Trevor Andrew for a go-anywhere approach to suit his style. The true twin-tip with a modified blunt tip and tail shape for better spinability and butterability, provides maximum performance whether you’re riding regular or switch. Engineered to be forgiving on landings, the construction perfectly blends flex and snap for superio... More»
Shaun White 2005
Burton - Shaun White
Freestyle versatility.Shaun’s board has officially become an extension of his body. Geared to his exact specifications, this is the energetic, lightweight board that brings his inhuman tricks to life. As Shaun grows, this board will grow with him, without changing the overall ride or sacrificing its edge-to-edge quickness, so it can keep up with his skate... More»
Sterling 2005
Burton - Sterling
A smooth ride for your first season and beyond. The Sterling is designed to take you through your first few seasons on the hill with ease and style. With a stable feel that helps you gain confidence, the new Sterling is built with easy-to-ride materials like Burton's forgiving Biax™ fiberglass and their strong, tried-and-true Fly® core. Built specifical... More»
T6 2005
Burton - T6
Futuristic all-mountain freeride. For the most technologically advanced freeride board on the planet, Burton designed the T6™ with Terje for the discriminating rider who demands a lively and agile board that excels in any condition. Fusing aerospace technology with precision-engineered materials, this ultimate all-terrain board offers uncompromising snap ... More»
Triumph 2005
Burton - Triumph
Focused freeriding for the MID-WIDE foot. The Triumph’s slightly tapered shape redefines the balance of float, speed and versatility that can be packed into one board. Built around a size 10.5 boot, this mid-wide board offers stability at high speeds, while delivering the width needed to float over bottomless pow. Tested and developed in the Wasatch, Tet... More»
Troop 2005
Burton - Troop
Crush the glass ceiling. The Troop™ is designed with riders like Anne Molin Kongsgaard who aren’t afraid of showing the world what women riders can really do. The Troop takes the best features from Burton’s freestyle and freeride boards and combines them to create a woman-specific board that knows how to handle any terrain. Drop into deep trees and hit t... More»
UnInc 2005
Burton - UnInc
This is rider-driven. With a twin-tip, center-stanced shape, these boards are designed to defy conventional style on any terrain, big or small, man-made or natural, switch or regular. New for 2005, the revolutionary 2X technology puts a whole new spin on stance versatility.

The UnInc crew sat down with Jeff’s brother Billy to create a graphic... More»