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Aura 2006
Option - Aura
New to our 05/06 lineup, the Aura is the women’s version of the Eclipse and allows female riders to destroy boundaries. The narrow waist, directional shape, and flex allows women to improve their riding skills all over the mountain. More»
Axis 2006
Option - Axis
So you really like the Mirror, but your feet are too big. Well, don’t leave the store cryin’ because we want you on the Axis. The Axis was developed as the Mirror’s big twin brother. Everything is the same except the Axis is wider and meaner for the rising freestyle rider with a bigger boot size. You get all the same benefits in the Axis as the Mirror has, so you don’... More»
Bella 2006
Option - Bella
Now in its fifth year, the Bella is the all-mountain choice of intermediate-to-advanced female riders around the globe. Developed by Option’s Design team and team rider Kendra Starr, this women’s version of the Signature delivers the ultimate in flex, shape, and materials. Kendra’s ridden the Bella all over the Mountain in every type of snow condition. She’s proven its... More»
Booter 2006
Option - Booter
The Booter, our wide version of the Redline, is our flagship wide board for the progressive all-mountain rider. Whether you are doing Cab 5s in the park or Switch Backside 7s off handcrafted jumps, the Booter can handle it all. Its Sintered 2000 base will leave flaming tracks wherever you go and its Carbon Triax laminate will give you enough pop to Ollie over ropes block... More»
Echo 2006
Option - Echo
The Echo is our freestyle runway model. It made the top five in Transworld Snowboarding’s Good Wood review along with Onboard Magazine’s 2004 Top Five Women’s Snowboards. The Echo is for women looking to boost their freestyle riding skills. This women’s version of the Mirror features female-specific attributes packed into a directional twin freestyle board meant for al... More»
Eclipse 2006
Option - Eclipse
The Eclipse is designed for the freeride enthusiast looking to take their riding to the next level. Its flex, directional shape, and regular width make it highly maneuverable and forgiving on all terrain and snow types. This board is perfect for making the transition from entry-level up to expert riding skills. More»
Freeplus 2006
Option - Freeplus
The Freeplus is a freeride icon from the Whistler backcountry to the Shuksan Arm of Mt. Baker. There’s no board like it. Its slightly wider waist allows it to float with ease in deep snow and help you stick huge airs off cliffs. Team riders even use the FreePlus as their freestyle stick, proving the FreePlus truly has no boundaries. More»
GT 2006
Option - GT
The GT Series is for the rider who wants to learn to ride any terrain in all conditions with little resistance. The GT helps riders learn to link turns easily with its mellow sidecut and soft flex pattern. More»
GT Girl 2006
Option - GT Girl
The GT Girl is designed for the rider who wants to learn to ride any terrain in all conditions with little resistance. the GT Girl helps riders learn to link turns easily with its mellow sidecut and soft flex pattern. The GT is so popular, we added a female-specific version. More»
GT Wide 2006
Option - GT Wide
The GT Series is for the rider who wants to learn to ride any terrain in all conditions with little resistance. The GT helps riders learn to link turns easily with its mellow sidecut and soft flex pattern. More»
Icon 2006
Option - Icon
With the success of the Influence we saw the need for a wider version. The Icon is a park and rail slayin’ stick for the freestyle rider with big feet! Like the Influence, the Icon is a true twin-tip built with stout sidewalls. With this board, you can roll into the park with pure stoke and stomp those tricks you’ve been dreamin’ about! More»
Influence 2006
Option - Influence
the Influence is our Team’s jib stick of choice. This board is softer in flex for easier Ollies, buttery Nose Presses, and Five-Os. The Influence is our freestyle board for riders who are passionate about becoming a freestyle ruler. The directional twin shape and the sturdy sidewall construction allows the rider to learn tricks at an alarmingly fast rate. The Influenc... More»
Joni Makinen 2006
Option - Joni Makinen
Joni’s riding is truly inspiring. His unique ability to tweak anything and everything quickly earned him the nickname "The Human Joint." With his all-mountain style in mind, we designed the Makinen to help you stick the sickest tricks--just like Joni. Its directional shape, paired with our tried and true Carbon Tech II Laminate, allows you to werak havoc all over the m... More»
Jordan Mendenhall 2006
Option - Jordan Mendenhall
Jordan is one of the most progressive riders on our team. He can destroy rails like no one else, show up and pull 1080s in the Park City pipe, and then hit the backcountry and pull shit that blows your mind. He does all of this on his twin pro model. Hoaran took the best of the Influence and the Mirror and combined them to create an affordable, fun package for the aspi... More»
Kendra Starr 2006
Option - Kendra Starr
Kendra’s pro model is a great choice for the intermediate-to-expert female rider who can be found freeriding or charging the park on any given day. This year we beefed up the construction with a new Sintered 4000 I.G. (Indium/Gallium) base, Carbon Tech II laminate, and our light and snappy Select core. This Starr is on the rise! More»
Kevin Sansalone 2006
Option - Kevin Sansalone
Like Kevin himself, the Sansalone board has gone through a metamorphosis over the years. Kevin designed his board witha directional shape, centered stance and flex for ultimate freestyle versatility. His board is constructed for the meticulous freeestyle rider who wants pro model performance. the Carbon Tech II laminate, Sintered sidwalls, and Select core give Kevin’s ... More»
KS FR 2006
Option - KS FR
"The North Shore is the best freeride board I’ve ever ridden. I decided I needed to keep the North Shore shape alive within my lineup of signature boards." The Kevin Sansalone Freeride is for the intermediate-to-expert soul surfer who wants to enjoy everything from the freshies to carving the groomers. This board, with its deep taper, allows the tail to steer the board... More»
Mini Pro 2006
Option - Mini Pro
The Mini Pro is for all the future rippers out there. Built for kids who ride faster than mom and dad, we spared nothing in the Mini Pro. This board will allow kids to become all-mountain freestyle rulers at an early age. Built specifically for kids’ weight, height, and foot sizes, the Mini Pro is maximum performance in a small package! More»
Mirror 2006
Option - Mirror
The Mirror is a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood winner, and a skate-inspired freestyle machine! Whatever the terrain is, the Mirror can handle it. The flat kicks on the nose and tail give it a skate deck feel while the Carbon Triax gives the Mirror extra pop for powerful Ollies! the Mirror is perfect for intermediate- to advanced-freestyle riders who plan on spending... More»
Paloma 2006
Option - Paloma
The Paloma is a favorite for advanced female riders who want to expand their territory to include the entire mountain withouth sacrificing style. The women’s version of the Redline, the Paloma’s flex and sidecut give female riders the pop and response they need to stick sick lines all day long. More»
Reason 2006
Option - Reason
The Reason is proof we engineer the hell out of our boards! Built for the experienced freestyle rider who’s constantly pushing their freestyle skills to the next level. The Sintered 4000 I.G. (Indium/Gallium/Graphite) base allows you to reach terminal velocity when approaching jumps. The Carbon Triax Ultra glass combined with the F. Light core makes this the lightest, s... More»
Redline 2006
Option - Redline
Returning for its eighth season in our line, the Redline has proven itself a true all-mountain contender. This badass board is the choice for riders like Martin Rasinger, who are constantly pushing the envelope of all-mountain freestyle. If you want to stomp the tricks you’ve been dreaming of, then you need the Redline. Its progressive, directional shape and centered s... More»
Signature 2006
Option - Signature
The "Sig" is the staple of the Option line. the philosophy behind its design inspires our entire line with its simple, ingenious construction. This freeride board is the choice for the true freerider looking for a reliable, durable, performance-enhancing board. The "Sig" is geared for the whole mountain: its shape, offset stance, and medium flex make it the go everywhe... More»
Summit 2006
Option - Summit
The Summit is designed specifically for progressing riders who want to charge the entire mountain from top to bottom. The wide version of the Eclipse, the Summit’s wider waist allows riders with bigger feet to have high performance and durability in their freeride board. More»
SuperCap 2006
Option - SuperCap
The SuperCap is our go-anywhere board, packed with stability and maximum mobility in a lightweight cap construction. The SuperCap is a softer board with a mellow sidecut that will give riders confidence on all terrain types. More»
SuperCap Wide 2006
Option - SuperCap Wide
The SuperCap Wide is the big brother of the SuperCap series. With all the same attributes as the SuperCap, we built this board in a wide series to accommodate bigger feet. Don’t let the Wide title fool you, it is still a forgiving ride for all terrains and snow conditions. More»
SuperCharger 2006
Option - SuperCharger
So you like the "Sig" and the FreePlus but you have big ol’ Clydes for feet? The SuperCharger is the board for you. Designed with the experienced freerider in mind, the SuperCharger allows you to destroy every line on the mountain! Offered in larger sizes, the SuperCharger is slightly stiffer to make it a true line-charging board. Go big or go home! More»
Sweet 2006
Option - Sweet
The Sweet, SuperCap’s female equivalent, is light and easy to turn and its narrow waist makes for quick edge-to-edge changes. Its forgiving flex, paired with our proven cap construction, make it grip the snow effortlessly for a fun day of shredding. More»
Sweetie 2006
Option - Sweetie
Built for the lightweight female rider who wants a forgiving allmountain board. A smaller version of the Sweet, the Sweetie is perfect for girls with smaller stature and foot size. Its narrow waist enhances edge-to-edge response, a great feature for learning to link turns. The Sweetie makes sick style easy to learn. More»
Travis Williams 2006
Option - Travis Williams
Travis wanted a board that demanding freestyle riders could appreciate in all aspects of their riding. Travis’ board is a true twin freestyle shape with a directional flex built with one thing in mind--defiying gravity on a huge scale! Its power train features a Carbon Triax laminate and a Select core so intermediate and expert riders can boost their freestyle stats on ... More»
Vinson 2006
Option - Vinson
The Vinson is for the advanced-to-expert freeride enthusiast who demands the best equipment available. This year our engineers decided to add a Sintered 4000 I.G. (Indium/Gallium/Graphite) base, to give you light-speed capabilities. They also beefed up its construction by adding Carbon Triax Ultra glass for lightning quick response. The Vinson is our podium freeride bo... More»