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Aura 2007
Forum - Aura
Just the beginning Whether itís riding with your friends, a good run you are stoked on, or a fun trip for the weekend, itís the little things that make snowboarding fun. These are the types of things that inspired the Aura, a mellow riding board that can take you from your first lesson to your first run through the park, having nothing but fun all the way. More»
The Craft 2007
Forum - The Craft
Have you ever heard a girl complain about her board being too narrow? The Craft is basically a narrow version of The Grudge, but engineered for an accomplished woman rider. So itís nimble and snappy. More»
The Destroyer 2007
Forum - The Destroyer
Our true twin thatís true to our roots We went on a long journey to reinvent our best selling and most versatile non-pro board. After several prototypes, and a bunch of phone calls, Pete came in to the office and set us straight. It turned out we had the board we were looking for in the old line already. We went back to Peteís O.G. numbers and flex for itís overall rid... More»
The Grudge 2007
Forum - The Grudge
The light freestyle board for the rest of us. Less ink equals less weight. We like light boards a lot but we like light boards that ride great even more. Sure we could design a crazy light board like the other guys, but who wants a super narrow, floppy board with few stance options? It would be great for those 80 lb guys with size 4 feet that ride an 18 inch stance, bu... More»
The Jiblet 2007
Forum - The Jiblet
Ride this board 5cm shorter than your usual board. Why spend half a grand on a board that youíre going to destroy? This is based on our entire teamís need for a smaller, softer jib board that you can take to the mountain. More»
The Lander 2007
Forum - The Lander
Everything that makes it good for our team makes it good for everyone. We designed The Lander with the intention of creating the ultimate íhelp you land the big stuff in any conditionsí board. It turns out that all the stuff that makes it optimal for modern large scale snowboarding also makes it insane for cruising around and having a good on the rest of the hill. The ... More»
The Mini Youngblood 2007
Forum - The Mini Youngblood
Mini YB for mini shreds Scaled down in size but not in performance, the Mini Youngblood will grow your riding faster than you can outgrow it.The shape and flex are designed to kill the entire hill and the stance is wide. More»
The Raider 2007
Forum - The Raider
Unrelenting Freestyle performance for the plus sized crew Just because riders have big feet doesnít mean that you should sacrifice performance, and the Raider was designed with that in mind. Instead of starting with a plank, we start with a progressive freestyle shape and tweak it in all the right places to accommodate larger sizes without making it ride like a diving ... More»
The Recon 2007
Forum - The Recon
Be all that you can be Weíve all had that one board. The one that turns just right. The one that feels just as stable in the park as it does in an icy pipe. From cruisers to your first run through the park, the Recon has been engineered to be that one perfect board that can do it all in any condition you can get it into. More»
The Roost 2007
Forum - The Roost
Ressurection Of Old School Technology The ROOST features a shape that works for the whole mountain. The nose is longer than the tail. The tip is a little wider than the tail, which helps it turn plus gives it a little more float. The tip profile is mellow, so the board floats rather than plows through the soft stuff. The stance is set back to help keep you from going o... More»
The Scout 2007
Forum - The Scout
Scaled down Recon Updated shape and graphics for 07. Itís also lighter, narrower and allows for wider stance widths. More»
The Star 2007
Forum - The Star
Donít say she rides like a guy Probably the biggest insult to a girl is to say she rides like a guy. Women have needs for boards that are all their own, and we have designed a board that addresses these as well as the performance levels that are being demanded by female riders. Not for beginners, the Star is an all terrain machine that is destined for greatness. More»
Youngblood 2007
Forum - Youngblood
Itís not for everybody Rails, park jumps, boxes, theyíre all fair game. Over the past four years, the Youngblood team has asked for the Youngblood to be a true jack of all trades. For í07, weíve answered their call for a true top to bottom freestyle terrain killer. More»