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Alley 2007
Rossignol - Alley
A BOA boot developed for women riders. As with men, great support and optimized comfort are crucial on a high performance all around boot. Look for effortless and precise lacing on top and you know why we wanted the BOA lacing system on the Alley. Then we needed to make sure the boot fit women’s specific anatomy, so we lowered the calf and adjusted the profile of the boot... More»
Comet 2007
Rossignol - Comet
The BOA system finally gets into Rossignol’s line. Great support and optimized comfort are crucial on a high performance, all-around boot. Add effortless and precise lacing and you know why we included the BOA lacing system in this boot. The next step was making sure the toe box was fully secure, so we added a Velcro power strap for precise fit in the forefoot area. And w... More»
Crank 2007
Rossignol - Crank
The ultimate freestyle boot. Everything is done to dampen the vibrations and have the best possible cushioning when landing your tricks. The Crank is the top pick of riders like Mathieu Crepel for their type of freestyle riding. More»
Crumb 2007
Rossignol - Crumb
For the little riders who will be shaping the future of our sport before we know it. Designed for kids, they also provide the support and cushioning needed to go further, faster and bigger. The future is now. More»
Dusk 2007
Rossignol - Dusk
Especially developed for girls who want to progress with a product that will take them anywhere in any condition. Women’s specific liner and footbed and a lower calf area make this boot perfectly suited to the ladies while being very precise. More»
Glade 2007
Rossignol - Glade
The Glade is a freestyle oriented boot with a soft progressive flex. You will feel the smallest movements of your board and be able to tweak the hell out of all your tricks. The Glade will evolve with you, taking you from your first turns all the way to the backcountry kickers with your buddies. More»
Jones 2007
Rossignol - Jones
A full leather boot developed entirely with Jeremy Jones, the world’s most recognized big mountain rider. Jeremy wanted to come up with a medium flex all mountain boot that had a natural style symbolizing his values and way of life. The Jones boot has all Rossignol Snowboards technical innovations including the Asymmetrical EVA liner and the gel footbed for incredible dam... More»
Revolve 2007
Rossignol - Revolve
Developed in close conjunction with Jonas Emery, the Revolve is a powerful freestyle oriented all terrain boot. It has everything you need to go big in any conditions or terrain. strong support and a great cushioning were the areas where Jonas was extremely picky during development. More»