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Alias 2008
Rossignol - Alias
The new name in all-terrain freestyle dominance. Rossignol’s top-selling Alias Snowboard has a similar shape to the award-winning Decoy, with softer, more forgiving construction for the ultimate performance/versatility ratio. The lightweight Wood Carbon Kevlar Core will keep your park sesh poppy, while the easy-to-maintain 4.4 Sintered Base offers you a super-speedy ride ... More»
Amber 2008
Rossignol - Amber
Reinvent freestyle riding.
Designed for the ripping team rider or industry girl but made available to the public for this limited offer -the new Amber is packs the power of like 4 or 5 entry level boards. All that and some pretty cool black/white graphics. Cool. More»
Big Gun 2008
Rossignol - Big Gun
The UItimate Weapon Super progressive nose, super long sidecut radius, super stiff swallow tail and super smooth waist profile, the Big Gun’s 185 centimeters are the ticket for 2ft of fresh. More»
Circuit 2008
Rossignol - Circuit
The Rossignol Circuit falls in the (Eco) line, which stands for economic line. Rossignol understands that times can be tough and not everybody can afford expensive snowboards. The boards in this line are made out of the best possible materials for the lowest price. With the Rossignol Circuit you are not paying for the newest, lightest technology, you are paying for qualit... More»
Decoy 2008
Rossignol - Decoy
Put on your Spandex and buckle your utility belt: the 2008 Rossignol Decoy is your ticket to superhero-worthy freestyle performance. The 2008 Rossignol Decoy is the A-Team all-star pick of the year, and the stuff freestyle legends are made of. Experience the ease of switch riding with the Decoy’s twin-tip profile, the unbelievable pop delivered by the stiff tip and tail, ... More»
District 2008
Rossignol - District
Rossignol District Snowboard The District Snowboard by Rossignol is the wave of the future. Showcasing a spectacular amount of performance and durability for such an affordable price; the board of choice if youre looking for more bang foryour buck. A great board to keep with you for multiple years, the Rossignol District Snowboard is a reliable snow-shredding tool to add ... More»
Diva 2008
Rossignol - Diva
Be the all-mountain freestyle Diva you’ve always dreamed of. The Rossignol Diva Snowboard has been completely remastered for 2008—just about the only thing Rossi didn’t change was the name!—to give the all-mountain princess a board that rides even better than it looks. Inspired by the Rossignol Premier, the 2008 Diva has a 2-mm wider waist width, a shorter sidecut radius,... More»
Half Gun 2008
Rossignol - Half Gun
Freeride Precision and Power A shorter, wider version of the Big Gun that can handle anything from groomed to knee-deep snow conditions. Don’t let the name fool you, the Half Gun is all the gun you need. More»
Harmony 2008
Rossignol - Harmony
Fresh and tasty.
The Harmony shares the same shape as the Amber but has a thinner, softer core profile and a more forgiving ride. Twin shape, centered inserts, wide stance width, high-torsion resistance fiberglass and a deep sidecut radius, the Harmony is in a league of its own. Whether it’s your first day in the park or you’re ready to charge ra... More»
JDub MT 2008
Rossignol - JDub MT
Dress it up and tear down the mountain. Sporting an oh-so sick tuxedo graphic topsheet just for the occasion, the freestyle 2008 Rossignol JDub is decked out with Mag-Traction technology, in a new shape Rossi appropriately calls “badass.” Last summer hero-hucker John Jackson joined Rossignol and began working with their best board designers from the NW and Europe to come ... More»
Jonas Emery 2008
Rossignol - Jonas Emery
Bridging the gap between freestyle and freeride. Jonas’s new signature model is as visionary as a board can get. Combining a long running length for speed, twin tips for balance, a super light THC core with Dual Torsion Box, carbon and Kevlar fibers, and the fastest base on the market and you get the most advanced board in history. Targeted at the high end all mountain... More»
Jones 2008
Rossignol - Jones
The most versatile, mind-blowing, board on the market. Jeremy’s decade + involvement in board design comes together in this series. He likes to start the season on the 158, more of an all mountain FS shape. Around January he moves up to the 162 for steeper lines of Tahoe and JH. Then in the spring he relocates to Alaska and breaks out the 166. More»
Mini Broken Check 2008
Rossignol - Mini Broken Check
The Mini is no toy. Using a poplar wood core and a sintered stone ground base this high quality construction is combined with design features like a 25cm waist so it can perform like a large board. A common four hole binding pattern means most bindings fit and allow some flexibility in stance widths. Riders from novice to pro can hop right on the Mini and go. It doesn’t m... More»
Mini PRO 2 ROBOT 2008
Rossignol - Mini PRO 2 ROBOT
The name says it all. Inspired by the Decoy, the Mini Pro series ups the ante for tomorrow’s snowboarding. A reengineered edition of what the pros rock with a twin shape and a kid-friendly flex pattern that seamlessly transitions from first turns to frontside 5s. More»
Mini PRO Militia 2008
Rossignol - Mini PRO Militia
The name says it all. Inspired by the Decoy, the Mini Pro series ups the ante for tomorrow’s snowboarding. A Re-engineered edition of what the pros rock with a twin shape and a kid-friendly flex pattern that seamlessly transitions from first turns to frontside 5s. More»
Mini Zena 2008
Rossignol - Mini Zena
You can’t touch this. An all new narrow shape with softer flex designed specifically for smaller girls. Deep sidecut shortens the learning curve and make slow speed turns a breeze. Guaranteed to make every parent happy. More»
One 2008
Rossignol - One
In a perfect world we could party all night while it snowed, then wake up to sunny skies so we could ride pow in our tees. Well, we can’t have everything—but at least we can have one board that does it all! The 2008 Rossignol One Snowboard is a one-board quiver of all-terrain excitement. Designed with input from pro rider Jonas Emery, this plank is called The One for a re... More»
Premier 2008
Rossignol - Premier
Going up! Just when you thought Rossignol’s Premier freestyle shred stick couldn’t get any better, Rossignol pulls a fast one on you. Redesigned from top to bottom, the 2008 Rossignol Premier Snowboard is back in action and ready for more high-performance directional freestyle fun. They’ve added 4mm to the waist so you can kiss heel/toe drag goodbye, cut the running lengt... More»
R.P.M. 2008
Rossignol - R.P.M.
Introducing Rossignol’s new freestyle classic! The 2008 Rossignol R.P.M is an easy-to-ride park specialist begging to thrash the rails, the halfpipe and everything in its path. This twin-tipped shredder features a deep sidecut with a progressive radius, to propel you into turns, lickety-split. A stiff tip and tail provide enough pop to get you through that jump, while the... More»
Reserve 2008
Rossignol - Reserve
Rossignol Reserve Women’s Snowboard 2008 (snowboards) - A truly splendid graphic hits a truly splendid snowboard in the Rossignol Reserve Women’s Snowboard. Gone are the days when a rider bought the greatest new gear at astronomical prices. Rossignol has made it a point to offer high performance, durable boards at an affordable price that should have any lady excited to s... More»
Scan 2008
Rossignol - Scan
The future is now. A new standard in Junior boards, the Scan has a punchy and progressive profile that mixes forgiveness with unmatched performance. Reengineered for smaller riders, the Scan kills it in the park. More»
Scope 2008
Rossignol - Scope
The next generation in all-terrain mastery. The 2008 Rossignol Scope Snowboard has been completely revamped this year, to bring you futuristic all-mountain freestyle performance. With a wider waist width, the Rossignol Scope better fits today’s freestyle rider, while still maintaining a shape and construction that will get you all over the hill. Top this off with a super ... More»
Sonar 2008
Rossignol - Sonar
Get blinded by the light. The 2008 Rossignol Sonar Snowboard is a beacon of light to the world of all-mountain women’s boards. No matter the terrain and conditions, the Sonar takes care of business. Featuring a thinner core profile, this pretty little shred stick delivers a smoother and more forgiving ride with an all-mountain directional shape for greater versatility. Th... More»
Storm 2008
Rossignol - Storm
Get ready: the Storm is about to hit. This Rossignol beast is ready to take on any blizzard or tempest with freeriding finesse. A Jeremy Jones signature model for the masses, the Rossignol Storm lets you experience the smooth ride of a pro model Rossignol snowboard while still leaving some padding in your pocketbook. Designed for the up-and-coming freerider ready to chall... More»
Sublime 2008
Rossignol - Sublime
Rossignol Sublime Women’s Snowboard – Swirl on up to the Rossignol Sublime and experience an exciting ride with power and performance that won’t break the bank. A sick graphic blows down your board and base in a variety of swirls, snowflakes, and style. Ready-to-ride, the Rossignol Sublime Women’s Snowboard is a girl’s best friend when hitting the slopes and with a full w... More»
Sultan 2008
Rossignol - Sultan
Smooth ride, small price. With its high-torque fiberglass sandwich construction, the Sultan has all the punch and response you need to tackle anything on the mountain. More»
The Mini 2008
Rossignol - The Mini
The world at your feet. The only patented one-size-fits-all & do-it-all board on the market comes with a women-specific waist width this season. So you still get the coolest, most-progressive feather-light and super easy ride with a Twin Freestyle shape that covers the needs of beginners to pro riders. But with a super nice 24cm waist width for the smaller boots. Th... More»
The MINI Grip Top 2008
Rossignol - The MINI Grip Top
Attention world: small is the new big! The 2008 Rossignol Mini Gripe Tape Snowboard may be small, but it still packs quite the punch. Feather-light with a twin freestyle shape, the Rossignol Mini will progress your park skills no matter what you’re riding level. Featuring a shorter length, the Rossignol Mini Gripe Tape makes for fun in the park whether you’re sliding your... More»
The MINI Tweed 2008
Rossignol - The MINI Tweed
Attention world: small is the new big! The 2008 Rossignol Mini Tweed Snowboard may be small, but it still packs quite the punch. Feather-light with a twin freestyle shape, the Rossignol Mini will progress your park skills no matter what you’re riding level. Featuring a shorter length, the Rossignol Mini Tweed makes for fun in the park whether you’re sliding your first box... More»
Works 2008
Rossignol - Works
Whether you ride parks or drop cliffs, the 2008 Rossignol Works Series will take you where you want to go—but better, faster and higher. These lightweight, precise snowboarding machines combine a century of snow-sliding expertise into 3 differently shaped boards for 3 different ridings styles. Hit the rails on your twin freestyle 155-cm Works with its deep progressive si... More»
Works 150 2008
Rossignol - Works 150
The lightest, most precise, uncompromised, all snowboarding machine. Super light and super punchy boards with Twin Freestyle, AIIround or Freeride shapes for technical 40+ days riders. Launched 3 years ago when Doriane Vidal, JF Pelchat and Jeremy Jones wanted to swap their THC core with something lighter and more punchy, the Works series have taken riding to the ne... More»
Zena 2008
Rossignol - Zena
Take your riding to supernatural levels with the 2008 Rossignol Zena Snowboard. The new Zena is as bad-ass as it gets, with a wider-waisted stance, shorter running length and tighter sidecut radii. With a stiff tail to pop-pop-pop you out of jumps, and a progressive sidecut to ease you into turns and propel you out with tons of edge grip, the Rossignol Zena is ready to bu... More»