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Axxess 2010
Donek - Axxess
Our Axxess series will take you anywhere glades, powder bowls, bumps, groomers anywhere. A synthesis of our Incline and Freecarve boards, the popular 21.5 cm waisted Axxess delivers incredible all mountain stability, float, and performance. If you like to ride plates everywhere, the Axxess is for you. Maybe one board can do it all.... More»
Blade 2010
Donek - Blade
Is wider better? Theres a growing group of carvers who definitely think so. If laying out turn after EC turn with your body on the snow is your definition of style and grace, the Blade series is your new weapon of choice. Designed with more width for relaxed stance angles, and carefully considered sidecuts and engineered flex for tenacious edge grip, the Blades are i... More»
Freecurve 2010
Donek - Freecurve
The Freecarve has earned a reputation as one of the premier alpine boards available. All sizes boast uncompromising edge hold, impeccable stability, and nimble handling. These are the ultimate carving tools. Ride one to find out what the excitement is all about. More»
Freeride 2010
Donek - Freeride
Ride everywhere. Launch anything. Lay trenches. Our Freeride series epitomizes the soul of snowboarding. These versatile directional shapes floats in powder, powers through crud, and slices up the groomed. The shape and tailored flex pattern provide exceptional quickness, stability, and unmatched carving for all mountain domination. More»
Phoenix 2010
Donek - Phoenix
This versatile directional shape loves the park or pipe, floats in powder, and slices up the groomed. Its directional shape and tailored flex pattern provide exceptional versatility. If you want a board that you can really push in the park, but still fits the bill on a powder day or outside the park, this is it. More»
Pilot 2010
Donek - Pilot
There was a serious need in the sport of alpine snowboarding for an entry-level race board at a price that didnt break the bank. We decided that it was time to step up to the plate. We designed the Pilot series specifically for junior racers, up-and-comers, lightweight riders, and anybody curious about alpine riding. With an intelligent range of sizes and flex patterns t... More»
Race 2010
Donek - Race
Our Race series boards are under the feet of riders who push the limits on the course and off (including numerous Olympian and World Cup racers). The boards are designed to get you down the hill, or onto the podium faster than anything else around. If you analyze your runs in 1/100ths of a second, or simply need the fastest ride on the planet, take a good look at our exte... More»
Razor 2010
Donek - Razor
The new Razor is a carving board designed to be ridden in soft boots. It boasts all of the materials and technology that we use in the construction of our race boards, with a tuned flex and sidecut combo optimized for carving it up in softies. This is a unique, versatile board for laying deep trenches, ruling the boardercross course and the ripping out-of-bounds. We ma... More»
Twin 2010
Donek - Twin
Twin tip shaping for the ultimate performance in the park and pipe. This board is soft enough to make the those freestyle tricks a breeze. Weve incorporated technology that really pushes the concept of a freestyle board to something that can still excel at high speed outside the park. One run on this board and your style and skill will be transported to a new level. More»