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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  T6
 Year:  2005
 Price:  $650 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
18 votes and 4 reviews
Burton T6, 2005
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Futuristic all-mountain freeride. For the most technologically advanced freeride board on the planet, Burton designed the T6™ with Terje for the discriminating rider who demands a lively and agile board that excels in any condition. Fusing aerospace technology with precision-engineered materials, this ultimate all-terrain board offers uncompromising snap and response. For 2005 Burton used an even higher-grade aluminum honeycomb to create a strong Alumafly™ core, while maintaining the same light feeling under your feet. The non-organic dimensionally profiled tip-to-tail core means the flex will remain consistent for a lifetime of agile handling over natural terrain.
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by Anonymous on 02.09.2018
Strengths: I started learning to ride in 2005 and decided this was going to be something that I was gong to continue doing. I rode for 5 days through several classes and I would say that I was far from a beginner (still learning). I live in Georgia so I only ride once a year. In 2006 I went boarding and on day 1 of that trip (my 6th day boarding) I went up the lift for a quick run before I decided to take another beginner class which turned out to be the best thing because I felt like I’d been riding for years with this board. I did take a class but moved up to a level that my buddies were in. Our instructor took us up the lift to test our abilities and my buddies and instructor were surprised on how well I was doing. I contribute all to this board. It is awesome, turns on a dime, easy to handle in all conditions. 12 years later I’m still riding this board and will continue to do so until something tragic happens to it. I paired the board with Burton Cartel bindings... I am on my second pair of those due to wear and tear.
Weaknesses: None that I can think of.
by Anonymous on 12.18.2014
Strengths: very fast snowboard vevy good for all terain.... i have win 2 cups with that... aluminum angles carbon made.... the best...
Weaknesses: only 1.... price :P
by Anonymous on 11.16.2006
Strengths: amazing. one of the best if not ther best board burton ever made. the edge holds like glue from ice to powder. pop from like no ramp. amazing. fast too. like a ferrari on steroids. it costs as much as a ferari but WELL worth it. VERY easy to ride. great all around
Weaknesses: none
by Anonymous on 02.06.2005
Strengths: WoW! That pretty much sums it up. This board absoutly ROCKS!! Accelerates like Batman...Turns on a dime even on ice...pops to the moon.. I could go on and on. $600.oo is allot for a snowboard but in my personal opinion, it is worth each and every cent. My setup is Drake Limited bindings and APX KJs... I have never been in more control and comfort before. Thank you Burton for this rocket ship.
Weaknesses: None, Like said great Board.

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by Anonymous on 03.17.2013
Strengths: This thing carves better than O.J. Simpson. It is FAST. I mean turbo crazy fast. I got it for carving groomers, and for that, it doesn`t disappoint. You better be advanced/expert for this board. It is faster than you will ever want.
Weaknesses: Because of aluminum core, this board is stiff, and can and will beat you up. Biggest complaint when I first jumped on it.

by Anonymous on 01.11.2009
Strengths: edgehold, speed, carving, stability, edge to edge quickness. Some reviews said this board was tough to get used to and that they were doing faceplants....don`t be scared. I`ve been riding for about 5 years and consider myself intermediate to advanced, after about 3 runs I was going faster and catching more air than I have ever attempted, and never once felt out of control and did not take any diggers. This board will make you an expert! Well worth the $$ (of course I sprung for C02`s as well, but it should ride well with other bindings)
Weaknesses: none so far!

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by Anonymous on 01.17.2012
Strengths: Having hired many boards in the past I decided to visit a burton test center. I tried a few boards including the custom x but this board was the best by a long long way. It`s extreamly quick to accelerate and turns are as sharp as you like.

by Anonymous on 06.25.2007
Strengths: One solid S.O.B. This board is not made for the weak hearted, The Burton T6 is one of the cleanest and smoothest carving boards you will ever get your hand on. With an explosive flex, you will be sure you power into the next turn or boost that kicker. The best hi-end Burton snowboard of all time.
Weaknesses: Of course, I have to nail it on the price.

T6 2008
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by Anonymous on 05.31.2017
Strengths: Fast, solid, durable,stainless steel edges, creates blue light when carving making you feel godlike. Great pop. I`ve had this exact board (T6 59) for almost ten (10!) years (from 19 years old), it is a fucking killer. Was expensive as hell at the time, but it`s probably paid itself off about 6 times by now. Absolute dominatrix. Best board I think I`ll ever have in my life.
Weaknesses: Need strength for popping (and solid bindings), will give you a beating in the shit stuff (legs will feel it).

by Anonymous on 10.18.2011
Strengths: This is by Far the most fun board ive ever ridden, Im a speed freak and aggressive rider & I love how much control and response i get in my turns. I ride this board with c60 bindings and driver x boots to truly get the most out of it!
Weaknesses: Money But its worth it!

by GZA on 03.04.2010
Strengths: Favorite board I`ve ever ridden (and I`ve ridden quite a few in 13 seasons of shredding). This board is stiff, fast, and a lot of fun to rip down the mountain on. The graphic is a throwback to the 2004 model with the claw slashes in the base. Also they took the see-thru topsheet and base concept from a few models back and applied it to this board; if you hold it up to the sun you see light passing through it.
Weaknesses: As all T6`s and alumafly core boards, it is highly susceptible to impact damage. This won`t actually hinder its responsiveness that much, but it makes ugly bubbles in your topsheet that distort the look. Don`t be ridin` her through rocks or thrashing on rails.

by Anonymous on 10.24.2009
Strengths: sexaaiii
Weaknesses: no weaknesses

by Anonymous on 11.12.2008
Strengths: Wow - this board is quick and so solid. I have the 164 and it rules anywhere (not a park/pipe person but wouldn`t fancy it much on this). Widen stance a little and wave as you rip past everyone. My mates could not believe how much quicker I was riding on this in the afternoon than the 161 Ride Timeless (old stiff timeless) I had in the morning.....
Weaknesses: None yet....

by Anonymous on 03.02.2008
Strengths: The 08 Burton T6 is the best board I`ve ever ridden in over ten years of riding! I`ve ridden just about everything too. The board has speed, the board has MADD POP, and the board carves like no other! The new "smooth ride" tech creates a super smooth & flawless ride even in crappy chunked-up snow conditions. After riding powder on this, I think my smile was glued to my face for at least a week! I`m not sure what else a rider could want. Burton killed it with this one!
Weaknesses: The board is extremely narrow so be sure to watch out for toe/heel drag. And unfortunately, the price is crazy expensive! Try to purchase on sale; you will not be disappointed! For experienced, advanced riders only!

by Anonymous on 10.24.2007
Strengths: the best handling board on the planet for all mountain purposes
Weaknesses: $$$$ it`s a lot of dough