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Lib Tech
 Maker:  Lib Tech
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Dark Series
 Year:  2006

4 Stars Based based on
5 votes and 1 reviews
Double sintered UHMW sidewalls
Correct sandwich
Power transfer spine
Golden fleece basalt
ORG throttle
PT internal sidewall
Twin harmonic geometries
Sintered carbon 9991 base
Sintered UHMW base
149/152/155/158/161/164/158w/161w/158 mag 3/161w mag 3
Lib Tech Dark Series, 2006
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The world’s most technically advanced snowboard. Skate influenced, park and freestyle focused with long contacts, deep sidecuts, and narrow waists. Now with Golden Fleece basalt made from volcanoes. 92% stronger than fiberglass. Dark Series 158 and 161 wide available in MAGNE-TRACTION.
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by Anonymous on 12.04.2010
Strengths: I`ve been riding this board for 6 years now and I have never even considered buying anything else. This board is outstanding for all aspects of riding. I rode it hard in the park for the first few years, and it wasn`t until I started free riding that I realized just how amazingly well-rounded this board really is. Worth every penny

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by Anonymous on 01.17.2017
Strengths: Turns are sharp even in icy conditions. Great all mountain board!
Weaknesses: A little long, so spins can be slightly difficult.

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by Anonymous on 07.09.2008
Strengths: just demo one...if not...this is an excellent purchase. if youre a beginner, it might be too wild to tame at first bc this snowboard is a freakin buckin bronco.
Weaknesses: not being able to live up to the boards expectations

by woody115 on 01.30.2008
Strengths: Fast, great pop and just all around fun. I`m a novice and this is one of my 6 boards. I like this one the most. I could only imagine if I were advanced, then this board would totally rock.
Weaknesses: Hard to find under $500