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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Binding
 Model:  SPi
 Year:  2007
 Price:  $209 (MSRP)

3.5 Stars on 2010-07-30 15:32:17
Ride SPi, 2007
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MAXIMIZED PERFORMANCE & RESPONSE Delivering superior response and board control for the accomplished all-terrain Rider, the fully customizable, lightweight SPi is designed to maximize performance in a variety of snow conditions
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SPi 2006
Ride - SPi
FULLY LOADED PRECISION CONTROL Stepping it up with new Coring, the SPi now provides the ultimate in lightweight, customizable Board control thatís ideal for Takashi Nishida. More»

by Anonymous on 12.12.2012
Strengths: Super solid control with these bindings. Best ratchets at the time and still great! Nice leather (synthetic?) straps. Strong Aluminum frame.
Weaknesses: Finally broke a plastic strap after 5 years and a hundred sessions.

SPi DFC 2006
Ride - SPi DFC
FULLY LOADED PRECISION CONTROL Taking Coring to the next level, the SPi features Rideís new Optimized Highback thatís 30% lighter yet maintains full support and comfort, and the new Cored R2 Base with length and height adjusting Heelcup for the optimal Boot to Binding fit. Add to this the new Pre-Curved Balance Ankle Strap and Convertible Toe S... More»

by Anonymous on 08.28.2007
Strengths: Nice bindings, somewhat weighty from all the aluminum and hardware. Speaking of the hardware, it`s nice, maybe a little too flashy and maybe unnecessarily complicated. The ratchet takes a while to get used to, especially on the release. The ankle strap is very comfortable and you can adjust the position without tools, which is good if you find that they`re loose. The bindings are stiff and very responsive. A solid pair.
Weaknesses: I broke one of the plastic ratchet straps, but it was no big deal. Some guy at Princeton Ski Shops hooked me up with one for free. Sometimes I wish the footbed had a little more cush for the landings, but in reality, it`s not bad.

by Anonymous on 01.30.2007
Strengths: Nice padded strap. The convertible Toe strap is nice, although I can`t really tell a difference between having it on the top of the boot and on the front. Nice Ratchets. A good amount of padding on the base. Stiff binding that holds your boot really well. Easy adjustments on the mountain for the length of the heel and toe strap.
Weaknesses: Claims to be adjustable and has a bunch of different holes but none of them really line up well except the ones that the factory has put them on. The chrome on the ratchet chips off but it is only cosmetic.