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Nitro  Maker:  Nitro
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Team
 Year:  2005

4 Stars Based based on
15 votes and 1 reviews
All Terrain FreeStyle
Medium Profile
Optimal Traix
Sidewall Construction
Progressive SideCut
Sintered & Sintered Ultra Clear Bases
Nitro Team, 2005
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Over the years, the Team has proven itself as a precision freestyle board. It has a narrower profile for edge-to-edge quickness. The progressive sidecut allows you to power into a turn and have it respond right back. The Team is built around the Nitro Powercore so itís ready to destroy in any freestyle environment.
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by Anonymous on 01.09.2008
Strengths: Easy to ride with.
Weaknesses: Looks pretty shitty to be honest.

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SupraTeam 2005
Nitro - SupraTeam
Technical freestyle power with big mountain capabilities, the Suprateam is one of Nitro teamís favorite boards and the most versatile in our line. Carbon and Aramid reinforce the Suprateam so the nose and tail wonít fold on landings. Limited Edition graphics, which were designed by Lukas Huffman, are available in the 157, 160 and 163. More»

by Anonymous on 04.05.2007
Strengths: best board 4 freeride

by Anonymous on 03.11.2007
Strengths: flexible board and lots of fun
Weaknesses: slow on the flats

by Anonymous on 11.03.2005
Strengths: you become an animal when you ride this
Weaknesses: others will cry when they see you

Suprateam LH 2006
Nitro - Suprateam LH
The most versatile board in the line, the Suprateam is a team favorite. Carbon and Dyneema rows add stiffness, giving you just the right amount of flex. From park runs to cliffs in the backcountry, this board handles it all. Limited Edition graphics, designed by Lukas Huffman, are available in the 157, 160 and 163. More»

by Anonymous on 09.03.2011
Strengths: All-around board with plenty of pop for freestyle riders, and yet can deliver the goods for freeride riders with carves. Definitely fit the definition of an "all-mountain" board.
Weaknesses: Seems to be a tad brittle on the sidewalls when compared to several other boards I had.

Team 2006
Nitro - Team
The Team continues to be one of the most popular boards in our line. We took the best elements from our AFR and Twin boards and combined them to make the hands down easiest freestyle board you can ride. The Team board features a solid directional shape that makes it easier than ever to transition out of the park to back country kickers. Our all-ne... More»

by Anonymous on 09.03.2010
Strengths: Mellow flex. Easy to ride. Great sidecut. Nice shape.
Weaknesses: Not too much pop. A little soft for deep pow or high speeds.

Team Art Attack 2008
Nitro - Team Art Attack
2008 Nitro Team Art Attack Snowboard ó Help! Iím being attacked by British skateboard art! If the Nitro Team Art Attack Snowboard could talk, thatís probably what it would say. This freestyle fiend features some wicked graphics by artist French; Nitro describes his work on the Team Art Attack as, ďFine art meets total carnage with a death metal so... More»

by Anonymous on 01.28.2014
Strengths: Faster than a bat out of hell. I probably spend half of my time in the park and this is great on big jumps and good on rails too. I`m 6`0" and weigh 180 pounds and ride the 159.
Weaknesses: Not as flexible as I would like, but then again it`s not meant to be super buttery.

by Anonymous on 10.10.2010
Strengths: great board, the 159 has served me well for 3 years now, i havent had many problems
Weaknesses: not a massive amount of pop

Team 2009
Nitro - Team

by Anonymous on 09.29.2009
Strengths: Fits tightly ... lacing system works very well.
Weaknesses: Material scratches easily

by Anonymous on 09.23.2009
Strengths: Light, snug fit, superb Lacing system (TLS), small footprint, not bulky.