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Palmer  Maker:  Palmer
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Centric
 Year:  2007

4.5 Stars Based based on
5 votes and 3 reviews
Nomex Honeycomb in Tip & Tail
4 Carbon Fiber Strips in Tip & Tail
NCF Prepreg
Full Sidewall Construction
Beech/Poplar Woodcore
Klothoid Sidecut
Stone Ground Inlaid 7200 Graphite Base
Sizes: 154, 158, 162
Palmer Centric, 2007
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Nomex Honeycomb in nose and tail reduces the swing weight for fast spins, while carbon fiber strips deliver additional pop and durability without stiffening the flex or disturbing the pure woodcore feel. Finished with an elegant brushed metallic top in a full NCF Prepreg construction and stone ground 7200 graphite racing base, the new Centric features the award-winning and easy-to-turn Klothoid shape.
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by Anonymous on 04.08.2017
Strengths: Stiff mid section with playful feeling nose and tail. Fast and stable on all conditions. Held an edge on really hard packed icy conditions. Feels light and easy when carving. Floated much better than I thought it would. Haven`t played with it in the park, but have hit a few small jumps and this thing has a lot of pop. Great board for someone who wants to ride the whole mountain. I couldn`t be happier.
Weaknesses: None that I`ve found yet. But I don`t think this would have enough flex for the more experienced and creative park riders.
by Anonymous on 02.24.2012
Strengths: Stiff board. Fast and stable holds edge well on hardpack. Turns great. In pow, it floats ok but this board shines on fast steep groomers.
Weaknesses: Aluminum top sheet is a bad idea. Glass top sheets will chip off and can be easily glassed or ignored. Aluminum bends and its difficult to fix. So you are left with a pretty shar
by Anonymous on 02.20.2009
Strengths: Super fast stable board