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 Model:  The Lander
 Year:  2007

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159 votes on 2020-02-13 17:15:09
Core: BADASS Twin with MAC1
Shape: Directional Twin
Core Profile: Directional
Laminates: Light Tri-ax
Base: Sintered 7200
Sizes: 151, 154, 157, 157M, 160, 160M, 162
Forum The Lander, 2007
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K2-Lil' Kandi
Lil' Kandi
Everything that makes it good for our team makes it good for everyone. We designed The Lander with the intention of creating the ultimate ’help you land the big stuff in any conditions’ board. It turns out that all the stuff that makes it optimal for modern large scale snowboarding also makes it insane for cruising around and having a good on the rest of the hill. The Lander is designed to help our guys land and float away from big airs even when they may be off a few degrees or a little off center, so imagine what it can do for you and your uncle.
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