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 Model:  The Recon
 Year:  2007

3.5 Stars Based based on
135 votes and 1 reviews
Core: Compound Matrix
Shape: Directional
Core Profile: Directional
Laminates: Bi-ax
Base: Sintered 4400
Sizes: 146, 149, 153, 153M, 156, 156M, 158, 161
Forum The Recon, 2007
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Be all that you can be We’ve all had that one board. The one that turns just right. The one that feels just as stable in the park as it does in an icy pipe. From cruisers to your first run through the park, the Recon has been engineered to be that one perfect board that can do it all in any condition you can get it into.
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by wingman182 on 01.02.2010
Strengths: Cuts well, always feel stable! Never have an issue getting this board to turn over for me, even on those steeps that are scraped. Holds a good edge.
Weaknesses: Narrow base, tends to sink in the soft stuff if your going real slow. base is fairly easy to mar, but won`t gouge big time on a random rock. Just keep it well surfaced.