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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Feather
 Year:  2008
 Price:  $300 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
10 votes and 3 reviews
Burton Feather, 2008
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Ditch the hand-me-downs from your friends and jump on a progressive board all your own. The Burton Feather is built just for the beginning to intermediate female rider—offering you a classic ride for endless memories and the ticket to a lifestyle full of fun, friends and out-of-this-world experiences. A slightly tapered shape makes turning a cinch, while a mellow flex and rock-solid construction let you feel that well-deserved snowboarding bliss. So what are you waiting for? Stand sideways and join the rest of us with your 2008 Burton Feather Snowboard!
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by Anonymous on 10.23.2010
Strengths: i got mine for 250 dollars at play it again sports and its in very good shape..... but mine came with burton green citizen bindings if your looking for this board you might want to try play it again sports shop
Weaknesses: i havnt gotten to use the board but ive noticed that unlike most novice boards, the feather has an arch in the center which could be good and bad depending on how begginning your starting out
by Anonymous on 11.21.2009
Strengths: Its a smooth light weight board very good for jumps and rails!!
by zzia15 on 11.10.2009
Strengths: I really like this board. It was a trade up from my old board (which as a starter board, the Morrow Mantra) This board is definitely better, much lighter and sleeker.
Weaknesses: None that I have noticed so far. You can tell it is still an intermediate board, but better than most true `starter` boards.

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by Anonymous on 11.30.2013
Strengths: Smooth, durable, responsive, easy to ride. It`s almost 2014 and I am still riding my 2006 burton feather!! I went to get it tuned up last season (just figured it was time) and the shop said my board was in great condition and didn`t need any fixing up. I wax it every so often and that`s it!
Weaknesses: None

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by Anonymous on 12.08.2011
Strengths: nice edges, smooth turns
Weaknesses: not enough flex

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by Anonymous on 09.01.2011
Strengths: I absolutly love this board. I have had it for 2 years now. It was my first snowboard I ever bought and I definitely think it helped me learn faster. I picked it up very fast and was in the park by the end of the season. I think it was all because of this board.