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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Troop
 Year:  2008
 Price:  $400 (MSRP)

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5 votes and 1 reviews
Burton Troop, 2008
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Progress like the best with the 2008 Burton Troop Snowboard. Whether you’re learning in the park or venturing out to more challenging terrain, the Burton Troop will have you shredding faster and going bigger, all before the other girls reach for their PB&Js. Burton’s high-tech Pressure Distribution Edges offer all-wheel-drive stability on any snow condition, while the Super Fly core is lightweight and poppy, giving you a ridiculously responsive underfoot feel. Pro love it for the features, beginners love it for the feel—you’ll love it for the price. Bring on the freestyle progression you’ve only dreamed about: the Burton Troop Snowboard is your freestyle guru, ready to make you grasshopper.
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by Anonymous on 12.12.2010
Strengths: Holds up great at high speeds and on powder-filled days.
Weaknesses: Not enough flex for my liking, usually rides pretty stiff.

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by Anonymous on 01.14.2010
Strengths: heavy board, easier to turn, fast.
Weaknesses: jumps

by Anonymous on 11.17.2008
Weaknesses: jumps, boxes

Troop 2009
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by Anonymous on 11.06.2010
Strengths: this board is AH-MAZING. i rode on it for one season, so far, and it was great. unfortunately, i got cocky and tore my shoulder to pieces on a huge hip. but this board can really help you get to the next level.
Weaknesses: jumps

by Anonymous on 09.23.2010
Strengths: Hold edges like NO OTHER on ice, floats like a dream on powder, and smooth gliding on boxes. Everything about this board is effortless!