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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Elite
 Year:  2008
 Price:  $360 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
18 votes and 7 reviews
Burton Elite, 2008
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Become one with the entire mountain. The Burton Elite Snowboard is a board One that likes teaching you new tricks and taking them to the next level. Truly one board for any terrain, the Elite does everything and still leaves room in your wallet. Be it for your first board, or if you’re a no nonsense rider that doesn’t want to drop the farm on a shred stick…the Burton Elite Snowboard gives loads of action for a low cost.
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by Anonymous on 08.29.2019
Strengths: Great board, still using it today! About to hang it up but thought id review it first. Fast, stiff, but still nimble. I clocked in at almost 70 mph at my peak and and the edge held wonderfully
Weaknesses: Fine in powder, but by no means great
by Anonymous on 08.16.2011
Strengths: awesome all around board, this was my first board and held up during all sorts of conditions.
Weaknesses: wish it was wider
by Anonymous on 01.04.2011
Strengths: i have used this board for 3 years straight and friends keep asking me if its brand new, works great carving and the ride its smooth as it can be
Weaknesses: lil stiff if you wanna do manuals and..... only if you wanna do manuals besides that great for grind or spin
by Anonymous on 05.24.2010
Strengths: Great carver, the leather on top I actually think is a positive because it doesn`t get scratches
Weaknesses: stiff if you like park boards but its all mountain so why would you get it for park
by justin on 03.29.2009
Strengths: Rides better then my Vapor. Purchased this for a rock board, now its my main board. Stable high speed runner. Great in the steep stuff.
Weaknesses: Pleather top?
by Anonymous on 02.04.2009
Strengths: -had a cool 06, laminate cracked they gave me a new 07.light, fast, agile
Weaknesses: -leather top on 07+ models.
by Anonymous on 01.06.2009
Strengths: Sexy control Good look, THis is a good board for your every day shreadying.
Weaknesses: I little stiff.

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by Anonymous on 12.12.2011
Strengths: Great for All mountain riding. was my first board. Stable for speed. Pleather top has been listed as disadvantage, but i think it has kept the best out of my others. plus snow slides right off at the hill rather than sticks. Has pop if you are aggressive with it
Weaknesses: Stiff, harder to flex but i guess thats why it holds speed nice.

by Anonymous on 01.18.2009
Strengths: i have it! its the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt i can do what ever i want with it!