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 Year:  2008

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Forum Youngblood, 2008
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The 2008 Forum Youngblood Snowboard, isn’t for everybody—just those who routinely kick ass. The Youngblood squad is chock full of hungry up-and-comers who like to take out their childhood angst on rails, boxes, kickers, pipes and anything else that happens to get in their way. So to meet their demanding freestyle needs, the Forum Youngblood board series features a true twin shape in a bevy of sizes that is lightweight yet durable, with graphics inspired by wheat-paste street posters. Whether you’re riding park jumps, sessioning the pipe, or hitting city rails, your 2008 Forum Youngblood freestyle terrain killer can take down anything in its path.
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Youngblood Team 2008
Forum - Youngblood Team
The Forum Youngblood Team Snowboard 2008 mirrors the original Youngblood except it has an upgraded core and base, giving it more snap and making it a wee bit lighter, faster and more durable. A tricked out version of the original freestyle slayer, the Forum Youngblood Team Snowboard is painstakingly engineered to satisfy all your freestyle needs—r... More»

by Anonymous on 01.30.2012
Strengths: beautiful park board. rad colors

Youngblood 2009
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The versatile freestyle board built for everyone is the ever-popular Youngblood. Smooth-flexing and forgiving Biax glass and a park-tuned GNAR™ core, make the Youngblood perfect for everything from street rails to park obstacles. The twin shape means maximum control riding regular or switch. If you’ve got your sights set on the park’s pro-line, th... More»

by Anonymous on 06.14.2010
Strengths: strong, crazy in park and tight trails and amazing in crapy conditions and in powder, sails ofer jumps and very fast, lots of pop and good for buttering rails, my fav rail board
Weaknesses: needs to be filled once and a while,

Youngblood 2010
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Every late night street mission or afternoon park sesh the crew is there. Pushing themselves and pushing the boundaries of shred—Youngbloods are there at the cusp of what’s possible. A shredstick developed to match this mindset, the Youngblood will stomp, press, and slide whatever is needed to constantly re-invent what’s possible. More»

by Anonymous on 02.03.2011
Strengths: Looks sexy. Getting it soon. Gina try 2 Jew em down 2 a lower price
Weaknesses: My ass