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 Maker:  Salomon
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  ERA
 Year:  2005

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7 votes on 2020-02-12 06:58:43
Salomon ERA, 2005
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Salomon-F22 W
F22 W
The next evolution of ERA Spaceframe technology is here. The new ERA flagship model features a tip and tail carbon booster for more pop along with a directionally positioned Alium beam under the central spine for enhanced stability.
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JD ERA 2005
Salomon - JD ERA
ERA technology was built specifically to meet Josh Dirksenís smooth, powerful and dynamic riding style. He needs a board that can do anything at will wherever and whatever he rides. The Jerksen features newly integrated Alium technology, enabling directional stability for stomping everything Josh boosts off of. Take note, no one can remember the l... More»

by Anonymous on 12.16.2016
Strengths: bada$$ board, super stiff tail, great all around handling.
Weaknesses: cap construction, easy to break/compress edges and don`t repair well

Forecast Era 2005
Salomon - Forecast Era
The do anything, ride everything Salomon board just got better. The new Forecast extends into a new realm of all-mountain versatility by integrating our proprietary ERA technology. Engineered on our Spaceframe platform with ITC helicopter blade technology for smooth energy transmission and edge response. This fine tuned, fun riding machine is smoo... More»

by Anonymous on 01.21.2014
Strengths: stable in any speed
Weaknesses: sometimes to stiff in the park

by Anonymous on 08.16.2011
Strengths: would like to know if it`s flexible at all.

by Anonymous on 03.08.2011
Strengths: sweet all mtn ride....way better than new Salomon noodles.
Weaknesses: cap construction - difficult to repair edges/delam

by Anonymous on 12.30.2010
Strengths: amazing board for all sorts of terrain

by Anonymous on 05.27.2007
Strengths: Best board Ive ever rode
Weaknesses: none

IVY ERA 2005
Salomon - IVY ERA
The new Ivy is the most advanced womenís specific snowboard ever made. Designed and tested with Annie Boulanger to handle every type of terrain. Whether itís dropping a fresh cornice line, nose pressing a flat-down-flat rail, or lofting off a corduroy pipe wall, the new Ivy ERA is an intuitive, easy handling ride with an entirely new spectrum of b... More»

by Anonymous on 11.06.2009
Strengths: overall great board i love it

by Anonymous on 10.26.2008
Strengths: really quick and responsive at speed, boards loves speed (nice and stiff), fast switch from edge to edge
Weaknesses: can be fairly stiff and a bit difficult to control at lower speeds if your tired/injured or weak rider

by Anonymous on 03.19.2007
Strengths: Holds an edge great at speed..boards wants to go fast. Rides great switch, great on jumps and spins!
Weaknesses: Kinda stiff...a little difficult to press but easy to control at high and low speeds!

by Anonymous on 08.06.2006
Strengths: stiff when you need it flex when you need a good pop off that sick wall.