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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Chopper
 Year:  2008
 Price:  $160 (MSRP)

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4 votes on 2018-01-10 17:30:34
Burton Chopper, 2008
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Built to withstand the torture kids dish out, the all-mountain Chopper® features the quality and strength you’d expect from Burton, with a flex and shape that makes the learning curve look like a slingshot. From first turns to first powder day, first air to frontside 540s, ride the Chopper and leave all the ski-wee kids wishing they were snowboarding.
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Chopper 2009
Burton - Chopper
Instead of wasting money on ski lessons, only to have junior inevitably switch to shredding, get ‘em hooked from day one with the totally redesigned Chopper®. Scrapping all concepts of how a beginner to intermediate board should ride, we worked with our own kids to develop the NEW Easy Rider™ technology. Go ahead, flex it…nice and soft. Camber? Go... More»

by Anonymous on 11.04.2011
Strengths: Last year was my brothers first year snowboarding and he used this board I bought it for him for 110$ i think he advanced so much faster because of this board he was carving by the end of the week and in the park by the end of the season it is definitely a great bored if your just starting out riding and allows the beginner intermitiat stage to not only be fun and enjoyable but to move at a fast pace. This is a great board for the little groms

Mini Shred Chopper 2011
Burton - Mini Shred Chopper
Easy Rider™ on the Chopper® lifts the edges off the snow to get kids on the right track from day one. The super soft flex makes it easy for even the lightest weight shredders to gain balance and control. For the three smallest sizes, we developed grippy foot pads and a Riglet accessory that lets you tow junior around until he’s ready to rock bindi... More»

by toomanyboards on 04.08.2011
Strengths: This is THE board for young riders. First timers have a blast on this board; it is virtually catch-free. My 6 year old was riding boxes with this board (the 110cm version) after just 3 days on the mountain.
Weaknesses: This board can develop bad habits; kids will have a harder time adjusting to a more typical base profile.