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Forum  Maker:  Forum
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Symbol
 Year:  2009

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8 votes and 2 reviews
Core : Supergnar Le 2
Laminates : Light Triax
Base : Formula
Board Shape : Directional
Core Profile : Directional
Size : 151, 154, 157, 157w, 160, 160w, 163, 166
Forum Symbol, 2009
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All-new for 2009, the Symbol series is best defined as a true directional, all-mountain freeride board. The Light Triax glass lay-up offers lean, responsive turning. The ultra-hard Formula base adds extra durability to guaranteed all-season speed. Inside, the SuperGNAR™LE 2 core creates a playful, poppy feel from tip to tail. With its slightly rear-centered stance, there is no such thing as out-of-bounds for the Symbol.
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by attiggica on 04.04.2010
Strengths: Nedavam radsej D
Weaknesses: Travianista
by Anonymous on 04.02.2010
Strengths: Fast responsive board
Weaknesses: Does what I want it to