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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Method
 Year:  2010
 Price:  $1500 (MSRP)

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3 votes on 2021-12-10 18:55:42
Burton Method, 2010
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If you were handed the keys to Shangri La, what would you build? This was the question we asked our R&D team and the Method™ was their answer. With every resource and no restriction, the result is a paradigm shift in high-performance. Using materials in entirely new ways, finely woven carbon strands, titanium edges, and strategically placed S2 glass help lighten the load while amplifying precision. When someone asked, “If we can, why don’t we?” No one argued.
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Method 2012
Burton - Method
We gave R&D an unlimited budget to advance the state of the snowboard art. It got intense fast, but all the aerospace materials and space travel they expensed resulted in a concept that pushes weightlessness into uncharted territories. Harnessing exotic materials and formulas that are untouchable in the industry, the Burton Method fuses rocker and... More»

by winsnowboards on 06.24.2012
Strengths: The 2012 Method is Burton’s uber-snowboard. It is considered as top of Burton`s line for 2012 in terms of design, construction and functionality. It bagged the best of all in the world. It sports high strength/low weight UltraMeth tech, on-the-fly stance Burton Channel system, Alumasuperfly core, Slimrails and Pro-Tip edges.