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Nitro  Maker:  Nitro
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Volume
 Year:  2010

2.5 Stars Based based on
6 votes and 1 reviews
Powercore : Tip-to-tail poplar wood provides strength and the perfect amount of board feel and flex
Bi-Lite Laminates : Biaxial fiberglass for effortless turns and a forgiving flex
Radial Sidecut : Smooth turns and control at any speed
HI-DEF FH Base : Our ultra clear base material blend - fast and durable
Shape : Directional
Flex : All Terrain
Camber : Standard
Width : Mid-Wide
Sizes : 162, 158, 155, 152, 163w, 159w, 156w
Nitro Volume, 2010
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The Volume will step up your learning curve from the first day you strap in. The radial sidecut makes for easy consistent turns and the bi-lite construction is lightweight and snappy under your feet giving you the confidence to turn up the volume. So go ahead see what the competition wishes they had in this all terrain board that allows you to become one with the mountain. Volume comes in standard or wide.
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by Anonymous on 06.08.2015
Strengths: Perfect beginner board Agility Easy presses Works very Well Even in the park
Weaknesses: Base not really fast Needs to be waxed every 2nd riding day, otherwise it runs significantly slow