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 Maker:  ThirtyTwo
 Category:  Boots
 Model:  Ultralight
 Year:  2010

3.5 Stars on 2010-08-13 12:22:29
ThirtyTwo Ultralight, 2010
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Ultralight 2008
ThirtyTwo - Ultralight
The name pretty much explains this boot. Its got a lightweight minimalist shell design, a 3-D molded tongue and an articulating cuff. These babies come with the STI Evolution Foam, which is a lightweight one-piece midsole/outsole. The also come with the system G2 gel heel cushioning to protect you from heel bruises that might occur now that your f... More»

by Anonymous on 11.07.2009
Strengths: These boots are crazy light! I upgraded to these from the 32 Lashed boots and it was well worth the extra £. They are just as strong and give the same support and flex as the lashed but they weigh half as much! Another good thing with this boot is, since the outer is made from a gore-tex like material instead of leather, if you scuff or scrape them on a rock or the edge of your board you dond notice it unlike leather boots where you see every mark. this is an excellent boot for park riding as there is less effort needed to jump/ollie due to the boots being so light.
Weaknesses: They`re not the comfiest boots you can buy but once I got mine heat-moulded they`re ok. If its comfort you`re looking for theres probably better boots you can buy but if you`re looking to save weight these are the boots for you. Also, if you do up the liner quite tight it puts a bit of pressure on the front of your foot.

UltraLight 2011
ThirtyTwo - UltraLight
A lighter kit enables you to be quick on your feet, and eliminates the disconnect between what your brain wants to do and what your body ends up doing. The Ultralight benefits from a tough new series of welds that add structure and protection. We also eliminated unnecessary materials and beefed up the tongue and backstay to provide a surprisingly ... More»

by costand on 01.15.2011
Strengths: Incredibly comfortable, warm and light. On the stiffer side despite the lightness. Give me laces over boa and that burton speed crap any day. The grey/yellow is great - looks way better in person than online. These are the best boots Ive ever had.
Weaknesses: None really. Well, price. If price is an issue that get the lashes. The difference in weight is negligible. Important thing is stay with 32, you`ll love them.