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 Maker:  Prior
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  AMF Splitboard
 Year:  2010

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Backprinted nylon topsheet
Quadraxial fiberglass
vertically laminated aspen core
quadraxial fiberglass
stainless steel inserts
maple hardwood stringers
uhmw sidewalls
rubber foil dampening
rockwell 48 hardness
uhmw sintered base
extras: Voile splitboard connecting hardware, Voile slip-disc multiple adjustment binding system, Voile XL tractor skins (130 mm wide X 152cm long)
Quadraxial Fiberglass
Available Sizes: 156, 159, 162, 165
Prior AMF Splitboard, 2010
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The Prior All-Mountain Freestyle (AMF) Split allows riders to look at the backcountry with fresh eyes and creativity. With the AMF Split riders can access the backcountry and rip the line of their choice in either direction utilizing the natural terrain features to perform tricks and spins…and/or simply explore the white room (yah)! The key element to this new board’s versatility is the twin shape and the rockered tip and tail combined with subtle camber under the waist of the board - what we like to call the hybrid rocker. Our hybrid rocker allows the board to turn on a dime and transition effortlessly from edge-to-edge. Incredibly, effective edge length is the same as a regular cambered board allowing the rider to sufficient edge hold on icy and hard pack conditions. Having rocker at the tip and tail provides increased powder float when riding regular or switch. We’ve kept the rockered zone moderately stiff for a stable, predictable ride….go big with confidence! A relatively deep sidecut provides added agility in the trees and chutes.
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