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Voelkl  Maker:  Voelkl
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Jibster SQD
 Year:  2010

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5 votes on 2020-02-12 02:47:22
For Jibs & Tricks - Freestyle Rocker Shape
No More Edge-Catching Slams - Convex Slide Base
Stable - V-Flex Fiberglass / Sidewall Reinforcement
Smooth Control & Snappy Pop - Carbon Inlays
Back-Screened Topsheet With Grip-Lacquer
Tip-To-Tail Supreme Wood
Kink Nose New!
Bevel-Tip Profile
Twin-Tip Freestyle Sidecut
Rocker Shape New!
5x2 Insert System
Multilayer Sidewalls
Sidewall Reinforcement
Sandwich Construction
Upper And Lower Triaxial Fiberglass WeavePlus V-Flex Fiberglass Weave
Carbon Weave
Back-Screened, Extruded Super-Clear Base
Convex Slide Base
Sizes: 152, 156
Voelkl Jibster SQD, 2010
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The Twin-Tip Rocker Shape with Kink Nose for all jibbing aficionados! Thanks to a negative camber, the nose and tail are floating in the air. Those who are into butter tricks will love this construction! A highlight: The Convex Slide Base and drawn-up multilayer sidewalls make the Jibster SQD unique. The edge will hardly touch the rail which makes lip slides dead easy. No more of those annoying and painful edge-catching slams! V-Flex fiberglass and triaxial weave provide perfect power transmission and forgiving torsional behaviour. The SQD Twin-Tip Sidecut of the Jibster SQD is ready to impress not only in the park but also on the groomers where it delivers some playful and little less direct riding properties! For all those who feel home on rails or are aiming to do so soon
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