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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Timeless
 Year:  2006
 Price:  $499 (MSRP)

4.5 Stars Based based on
2 votes on 2017-05-01 14:05:56
Ride Timeless, 2006
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THE REDESIGNED ULTIMATE RIDING MACHINE When it came to redesigning the Timeless, nothing was left un-analyzed or un-optimized until only the exact essentials remained. No component is without absolute purpose and balance for the smoothest Riding experience imaginable. Focusing back to its more versatile roots, the ’05 Season marks a turning point in construction and performance that lives up to the lineage and ensures it will remain ... Timeless.
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Ride - Timeless
A LEGEND IN ITS PRIME "Cult Following" doesn’t begin to capture the passion Timeless Riders have for this board. Eleven years of refinement and agility on any terrain, transition or snowpack make the Timeless the Ride of your life. More»

by Anonymous on 02.14.2009
Strengths: This board is truly massive! I like to rip down the pistes and sometimes go off-piste into the powder. This board works well in all conditions! It`s fast and mega-reactive. It cuts corners like a hot knive through butter and will never give you the feeling your not in control on high speeds. Definetely a classic!
Weaknesses: You`ll need to be on guard with this board when your tired at the end of the day. It`s a demanding board which will not give you much slack. But the hell with it! This board is a killer on looks and performance!