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GNU  Maker:  GNU
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Altered Genetics
 Year:  2011
 Price:  $649 (MSRP)

3.5 Stars on 2010-11-09 10:53:12
C2 Power Banana Tech.
Sandwich Construction
Directional Twin Shape
Sintered 9900 Alloy base
Quasi Glass
EISS 9 UHMW Sidewalls
Vectran Fiber
AG3 Sustainable Woodcore
Avaliable Sizes: 155, 159, 162
GNU Altered Genetics, 2011
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Award winning Banana Tech Magne-Traction geometries and construction! Gnu mutant trees are cultivated to blend the best properties of Bamboo, Aspen, and Balsa to provide unbelievable pop! Vectran liquid crystal polymer was developed as the fiber foundation for inter-planetary Mars lander tires and has 10 times the strength of titanium. New Bio-polymer top material made from beans provides the industry’s strongest strength-to-weight ratios and is nice to the environment. We have combined these three elements to bring you the world’s most advanced snowboard construction. The future has been altered! Set forth boldly on a mutant banana!
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GNU - Altered Genetics
The world’s most advanced core material. An unnaturally light and strong mutation that combines the best properties of bamboo, aspen, and balsa. Space-age Vectran liquid-crystal polymer fiber for soft landings on a hard planet. 10x the strength of titanium, 15x the strength of steel. Freestyle/freeride shapes. Hail the mutants. More»

by Anonymous on 09.24.2011
Strengths: got more pop than a 1950`s diner
Weaknesses: haven`t found any yet

by Anonymous on 12.09.2007
Strengths: Everything!
Weaknesses: Absolutley none that I can tell of