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K2  Maker:  K2
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Ambush
 Year:  2006

3.5 Stars Based based on
6 votes on 2023-09-06 20:45:54
Riser: 2 mm S-Class
Sidecut: True Stance Dual Progressive
Stance: 1" Set Back
Const’n: Hybritech S-Class
Core: Multi Polar
Base: 4000 Sintered
Glass: Triax Bottom/ Carbon and Kevlar Matrix
Torsion: Carbon
Steel: Standard
K2 Ambush, 2006
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SPEED, POWDER, BIG MOUNTAIN The best companion on the search for freshies, the Ambush packs in all the features and fun for the freeriding adventure. With an added 2mm S-Class Riser and a slightly longer tip and tail, this board offers superior edge hold and effortless glide in the powder. With a True Stance Dual Progressive sidecut, the rider will remain committed at lightning speeds whether riding switch or regular.
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Ambush 2005
K2 - Ambush
Perfect for the expert snowboarder who is not afraid to hike for freshies, and wants to ride the part of the mountain no one else is on. The Ambush, with True Stance Sidecut and tapered tail, is all about freeriding. Don't get lost... More»

by ElJefe on 11.22.2011
Strengths: Very flexible - handles Utah Powder with ease. It handles moguls very well and I can ski tight narrow runs in the trees with confidence. Turns quickly. Excellent off-trail board.
Weaknesses: However, on icy groomer days, I have don`t feel as comfortable at high speeds. I weigh 225 lbs and I have a size 16 foot. I have a hard time with lean angle and toe/heal drag.

by Anonymous on 01.21.2010
Strengths: I can`t disagree with the other reviews. I`m also in the Northeast. It definitely handles icy conditions with ease, is responsive and fast.Mine handled over 2 feet of powder at Grand Targhee. It definitely glided over the powder there. Best day I ever had snowboarding.

by Anonymous on 07.22.2008
Strengths: Very sturdy yet flexible board. Extremely fast, handles well and cool design!
Weaknesses: Little on the heavy side, but it really doesn`t make much of a difference.

by Anonymous on 11.11.2006
Strengths: very fast and smooth ride, fairly light, best board I have ridden in a while, really cool design
Weaknesses: I would say none :)

by Anonymous on 10.22.2005
Strengths: Handles toughest Northeastern crud. Floated through 16 inches of powder at Grand Targhee and battled Jackson Hole for a week. Very stable and fast and seems to glide over powder.
Weaknesses: None so far...the graphics on the board aren't the greatest if you care about that. I don't so I would definitely recommend it.

by Anonymous on 09.10.2005
Strengths: Super Stable, turns like nothing, floats great, carves like mad! Best board I've ridden in 12+ years!
Weaknesses: None that I have found!