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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Boots
 Model:  Strapper AC
 Year:  2012
 Price:  $250 (MSRP)

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3 votes on 2019-04-29 04:40:05
Ride Strapper AC, 2012
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The 2012 Ride Strapper AC snowboard is built with Ride’s exclusive Phy-Top™ construction utilizing less weight, less parts and less waste. Offering a superior fit and remarkable rebound, the Strapper AC snowboard boot is perfect for the advanced freestyle guy. Featuring Strapper Zonal™ lacing with speed lace down low for a quick secure closure, and Velcro closure up top for maximum adjustability and mobility. Built for all things freestyle, perfect for getting your jib, tweak & grind on!
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