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Palmer  Maker:  Palmer
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Unleashed
 Year:  2006

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Award winning Klothoid sidecut
Cap sidewall construction
S-Class multi-angle NCF prepreg
Full length woodcore for buttery feel
Palmer Unleashed, 2006
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DESIGNED BY SOCAL FOR SOCAL In the beginning, a few gifted visionaries, driven to explore new ways of having fun, created the single most amazing experience of all time Snowboarding! Here at Palmer we are driven to improve on that experience by designing and building what are globally accepted as the best snowboards in the world! The UNLEASHED series is for riders who are pushing our sport to the next dimension and desire a board that can shred anything imaginable. Combining an award-winning Klothoid shape with our full woodcore, cap sidewall and prepreg construction, this freestyle board has it own performance identity within the line, and the graphics originate from the heart of Southern California.
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