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Rome  Maker:  Rome
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Agent
 Year:  2006

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3 votes and 1 reviews
Impact.2 Core Matrix
StraightTriax 30 Carbon Laminate
S.2 Base
Smooth TZs
twinish shape
centered stances
moderated twin flex profiling
ample sidecut
Rome Agent, 2006
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Response: smooth; ollie popperific; jibtastic; out-of-park powerful; all-mountain cruisable Terrain: fun boxes; kinks; park kickers; backcountry gaps; tree lines; powder gullies Tricks: switch bs 9s; front boards through kinks; bs 180s; powder slashes; butter-to-5s Favorites: park-specific lifts; rail jams; midnight urban sessions; rope ollies; early-season natural jib lines
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by Anonymous on 05.01.2009
Strengths: it`s a real machine in the park and for jib I love it!!!!
Weaknesses: it chips very easily and when comes the time to guaranteed you cannot count on rome :-(