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Rome  Maker:  Rome
 Category:  Binding
 Model:  390
 Year:  2006

3.5 Stars Based based on
4 votes on 2019-02-10 08:47:45
Three-dimensionally constructed anatomical ankle straps
Low profile heel hoop
Adjustable toe ramp
GapFree heel pocket profiling
Height and upper shape of the SDS Highback
PF ankle strap
SDS Highback
UnderWrap heel hoop technology
ConFormist.1 toe strap
LF Base
Rome 390, 2006
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The 390 maximizes feel, while still providing plenty of edge-to-edge power through the combination of the pure nylon SDS Highback and the LF base. Decreasing the response time, the UnderWrap aluminum heel hoop adds quickness, and the PF strap provides the unique combination of form-fitting comfort and direct response.
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390 2008
Rome - 390
The Design House delivers evolutions in lightness on the 390 once again in 2008. Upgrading to a new UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop, 390-specific coring in the toe strap region of the heel hoop shaves ounces while powering heel side and toeside turns like only a Rome heel hoop can. A moderate flex profile provides a direct connection with high levels of fee... More»

by Anonymous on 10.28.2011
Strengths: Very comfortable, flexible binding. Great padding in the ankle strap. Very customizable as there are alot of adjustments.
Weaknesses: Probably not the most well made bindings on the market but I`m being picky. Not suitable for boot sizes over 12 as toe strap is quite short even when fully extended.

by Anonymous on 01.13.2008
Strengths: Good padding expecially on ankle strap for super comfyness . Easy to modifie the heel,toe, angle for the heel back makes me feel like a god . Once u buy these bindings ull never need to get new ones. 2 many features omg! im a happy princess
Weaknesses: None just a small manufacturer defect are common :(