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Alpha 2009
Burton - Alpha
The Alpha™ packs more innovation and quality than a Lamborghini with Gucci interior. The twin shape owns all terrain and comes loaded with premium tech like the NEW Scoop tip and tail shape, which turns the edges up at the contact points to make it even easier to butter, bonk, and ride away from sketch take-offs and landings. To truly freak out the fashion police, pair th... More»
Blender 2009
Burton - Blender
All taste, no filling—the NEW Blender™ perfectly mixes the latest park tech into a soft-flexing, true twin shape that makes learning and mastering tricks fast and fun. Our NEW extra-meaty Rail Ready™ Park Edges serve up minimal hang-ups and edge damage; while the NEW Scoop convex nose and tail shape brings smoother take-offs, landings, and butters. Table tops or mailboxes... More»
Blunt 2009
Burton - Blunt
While all your homies spend their weekends washing dishes to afford the competition’s so-called “premium” park stick, you’ll be busy shredding the Blunt™ ‘til your legs fall off. Immortal strength with a heart for park destruction, this low-maintenance twin gets upgraded with the bite-free slide of our Rail Ready™ tune, and ultra-light Pro-Tips to help you pretzel out of ... More»
Bullet 2009
Burton - Bullet
For the rider with bigger boots who’s ready to assault the entire mountain, the Bullet™ trashes all concepts of how a wide board should ride. You could hang out on the beginner slopes, or head straight to the gnar with our NEW Cruise Control™ technology, which features an extra soft flex and relaxed ride-ability. Even the edges have been turned up at the nose to help acce... More»
Chicklet 2009
Burton - Chicklet
Using our own kids as test subjects, we reinvented the Chicklet™ to truly revolutionize the way kids learn to ride. Our NEW Easy Rider™ technology starts with a soft flex fine-tuned to the lighter weights of li’l rippers. We then eliminated the camber and turned up the edges on the base for a board that makes steering and stopping simple. The result is a board that turns ... More»
Chopper 2009
Burton - Chopper
Instead of wasting money on ski lessons, only to have junior inevitably switch to shredding, get ‘em hooked from day one with the totally redesigned Chopper®. Scrapping all concepts of how a beginner to intermediate board should ride, we worked with our own kids to develop the NEW Easy Rider™ technology. Go ahead, flex it…nice and soft. Camber? Gone, kids turn easier with... More»
Clash 2009
Burton - Clash
The Clash™ has been crafted to help you carve the learning curve to pieces, then spread your skills across the mountain. Our NEW Cruise Control™ technology means you’ll spend less time sitting and more time shredding thanks to the effortless ride of its soft, forgiving flex and low camber construction. Even the edges have been turned up at the nose to make it easier to st... More»
CONdom 2009
Burton - CONdom
With the NEW ConDOM we’ve cooked up a board that’s convex all the way around. This means that when you stand flat on your board, the edges don’t touch the ground until you lean from edge to edge! It’s a catch-free design that combines with Zero Camber to let you jib without worries, land tricks you never considered trying, and effortlessly press, butter and float through ... More»
Custom 2009
Burton - Custom
The BC backcountry, AK faces, VT ice, podiums, pipes, cities, your local hill—there aren’t too many places this legend hasn’t landed. And now it comes with the unlimited, on-the-fly adjustability of the Channel, which works with any Burton binding. Riders like Mads, Heikki, and Mason get their dream freestyle stick; you get an adapt-and-destroy all-mountain magic carpet r... More»
Custom 3D 2009
Burton - Custom 3D
The BC backcountry, AK faces, VT ice, podiums, pipes, cities, your local hill—there aren’t too many places this legend hasn’t landed. And now it comes with the unlimited, on-the-fly adjustability of the Channel, which works with any Burton binding. Riders like Mads, Heikki, and Mason get their dream freestyle stick; you get an adapt-and-destroy all-mountain magic carpet r... More»
Custom Smalls 2009
Burton - Custom Smalls
It’s finally here. The legendary ride of our most sought after board, redesigned with team riders like Kyle Mack and Nils Mindnich in mind. Slash pow all morning, session the park and pipe after lunch, then jib your backyard rail setup ‘til the neighbors call the cops—if you can dream it, the Custom™ Smalls does it. No matter what your skills or style, this board is so ea... More»
Custom X 2009
Burton - Custom X
Kazu and Peetu rocket above a 22-foot transition. Frederik floats down a pillowy face. Marko schools every possible spin off an Austrian booter. Precise, fast, and nimble on all terrain, and now upgraded with the unlimited adjustability of the Channel, the Custom X™ is the planet’s premier wood core board. Also available in wide sizes for Bigfoots ready to take orbit. More»
Deuce 2009
Burton - Deuce
All business, no bs, the NEW Deuce™ combines the freestyle feel of a twin shape with the versatility and pop of a directional flex to let you slaughter whatever the dark side commands of you. From ollieing “slow” signs and chucking buckets, to popping floaters off cliffs and kickers, the Deuce will demolish everything unfortunate enough to get in your way. More»
Dom Grom 2009
Burton - Dom Grom
A jibby, buttery, skate-driven dominator, the Dom Grom™ is all about bringing the feel of riding a skateboard to everything the shred gods grace us with. From the park to the parking lot—no terrain is safe from this terrorizer. The extra-soft true twin shape equalizes ollie power and control whether you’re riding regular or switch; while the Rail Ready™ edges come factory... More»
Dominant 2009
Burton - Dominant
From mini shred jersey jumps, to triple kink urban ledges, the skate-style Dominant™ will make you jump for joy like you just found the rainbro’s proverbial pot o’ gold. With the endless pop of Infinite Ride™, buttery flex of the Park Fly™ core, and the bite-free Rail Ready™ tune, you might wonder where the trucks and wheels go, cause this thing’s pretty much a skateboar... More»
EcoNico 2009
Burton - EcoNico
“Fitting in with my lifestyle, this board aims to seek the smallest footprint by recycling, using renewable resources, and minimizing toxins as much as possible. I am honored that this project has set a milestone within Burton as the new tech and processes that we discovered will be introduced throughout the 2010 line. Hopefully little steps like this will mean a healthie... More»
Farm 2009
Burton - Farm
With a crew of up ‘n comers like Jack Mitrani, Chris Sörman, Mark Sollars, and Christian Haller at the controls, the NEW Farm™ offers their take on freestyle perfection to anyone who wants it. Fun and forgiving with the added stability of a mid wide shape, the Farm’s got balls without bite, and plenty of flex for buttering muffins and pressing through kinks. As versatile... More»
Feather 2009
Burton - Feather
Quit browsing the pre-season rummage sales and hook yourself up with a board designed just for you. Featuring our NEW Cruise Control™ technology, the Feather™ is specifically engineered to make learning and intermediate riding a fun and fast-paced experience. Prepare to spend less time sitting and more time shredding thanks to its soft, forgiving flex, and upturned edges ... More»
Feelgood 2009
Burton - Feelgood
For the Feelgood™, we’ve taken the legend to the next level by adding the Channel. This system gives riders like Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, and Molly Aguirre unlimited stance adjustability with any Burton binding. The Super Fly II™ core and Triax™ fiberglass provide lightweight snap and strength, while years of fine-tuning have produced a flawless feel that performs no ma... More»
Feelgood 3D 2009
Burton - Feelgood 3D
For the Feelgood™, we’ve taken the legend to the next level by adding the Channel. This system gives riders like Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, and Molly Aguirre unlimited stance adjustability with any Burton binding. The Super Fly II™ core and Triax™ fiberglass provide lightweight snap and strength, while years of fine-tuning have produced a flawless feel that performs no ma... More»
Feelgood ES 2009
Burton - Feelgood ES
The Feelgood ES™ continues to push the limits for legends like Victoria Jealouse. NEW Carbon Vaporskin™ magnifies board feel, adds pop and strength, and even drops weight, while the Channel equals unlimited stance options with any Burton binding. Whether you’re charging cliffs and kickers, or just cruising, the Feelgood ES lets you rule the entire mountain. More»
Feelgood Smalls 2009
Burton - Feelgood Smalls
Featuring the legendary performance, versatility, and pop of its big sister, the Feelgood™ Smalls is a freestyle sensation designed with the help of rulers like team rider Arielle Gold. Whether slashing pow or thrashing the park, the Feelgood Smalls comes specially gift wrapped with pro-level performance that transforms the mountain into your personal playground. Whatever... More»
Fish 2009
Burton - Fish
Terje, Nico, Jake, JG and Powder junkies can’t get enough of me. I’m that funky board attached to folks whose smiles can’t be shaken by the snow stuck in their teeth. As if I couldn’t be any easier to ride, this year I get the NEW Swallow Tail and S-Rocker to enhance my already ridiculous float, speed, and agility. The Channel gives me unlimited stance options with any Bu... More»
Fish LTD 2009
Burton - Fish LTD
Hike, cat, or heli to the summit. Spot your line before dropping into heaven on earth. It’s as you reach Zen in the white room that you realize why we just had to have a premium version of our best friend, the Fish™. Rewarding those well-earned turns with the lightest, fastest, and latest in board-building science, the Fish LTD truly is the powder connoisseur’s dream come... More»
Fix 2009
Burton - Fix
Extra soft with a true twin mid wide shape, the NEW Fix™ comes laced with the latest ingredients. The NEW zero camber construction keeps the ride fun and forgiving on jibs, jumps and butters; while the NEW Scoop tip and tail and de-tuned Rail Ready™ Park Edges equal catch-free laps though park and pow. Want a mega-wide stance? Get it with the Channel—the most customizabl... More»
GTwin 2009
Burton - GTwin
Natasza Zurek designed the GTwin™ from scratch to give her the ink to continue rewriting freestyle’s history books. Built tough, yet with a forgiving flex for riders who’ll try anything twice—from park laps and powder kickers to city rails—if you can dream it, the GTwin does it. She even upgraded it with the Channel for unlimited stance options with any Burton binding. More»
Idiom Select 2009
Burton - Idiom Select
Staple Design and Fragment Design, from New York and Tokyo respectively, have joined forces on the 2009 iDiom collection, resulting in an in-depth re-evaluation of the core values of design and snowboarding. Taking iDiom in a new direction, “Truth Loves to Go Naked” unites the natural experiences of snowboarding with minimalist aesthetics, and down to the details design i... More»
Jeremy 2009
Burton - Jeremy
Erasing every snowboard stereotype, Jeremy’s deck does it all—from Minneapolis streets to Wasatch powder kickers and lazy days lapping Brighton. For added stability, check his mid wide 151 and 156. Pioneered by Jeremy himself, the Channel offers unlimited stance options with any Burton binding, and mind-altering feel and cushioning when linked to an EST™ binding. More»
Jussi 2009
Burton - Jussi
Jussi rips everything in sight and his signature stick is no different. Now offered in a NEW 156cm, and also upgraded with the unlimited stance adjustability of the Channel, the Jussi is as relaxed threading AK spines as it is dissecting jump lines. If you’re not having fun on this board, maybe its time to slap on some ski blades, ‘cause snowboarding doesn’t get much bett... More»
Lip-stick 2009
Burton - Lip-stick
Lay it down, pop it up, press it out—the effortless feel of the NEW Lip-Stick is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our NEW V-Rocker™ features a center rocker between your feet, with additional rockers toward the nose and tail for the final word in foot control, press-ability, and pop. A more pronounced Pressure Distribution Edge carves the cake with laser-like prec... More»
Love 2009
Burton - Love
Hi. My name is Love™ and I’m on the market for someone who’s looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it. I enjoy laps through the park; long, hard grinds on my meaty Park Edges followed by a good, hot waxing. Whether you’re hitting it from the front or the back, my mid wide shape, supple flex, and twin tips like it kinky. Keegan and Mikkel love... More»
Lux 2009
Burton - Lux
Get killer performance and still have cash to drop on that season’s pass. The Lux™ is an easy-flexing directional twin for riders looking to carve the learning curve to pieces. The snap and feel of the Super Fly® core feels responsive and lively under foot, and the NEW higher-density base keeps your speed up with little maintenance. Step up to the ever-lasting performance... More»
Malolo 2009
Burton - Malolo
Malolo™ riders thank the heavens that there are people on this planet who honestly hate powder. A true deep-snow surfer with a heart for freestyle, the Malolo shreds the entire mountain, spins off cliffs and kickers, and slashes from stash to stash with uncompromised float and flow precision. While others complain that there’s too much snow, shred-i’s like Haakon and Nico... More»
Mayhem 2009
Burton - Mayhem
We know your game. You’re the brave soul that makes soccer moms put their kiddies on a ski-leash. You’re burly, blurry in photographs, and ripping the mountain to pieces on the NEW Mayhem™. Whether you run the mid wide version, or its even wider bigbrother, brace yourself for a beast gnarly enough to house the Hulk, yet so incredibly agile that no one has time to ask for ... More»
No Fish 2009
Burton - No Fish
It’s not a snowboard, it’s a Noboard™. Linking up with BC’s Noboard posse, we developed the NEW NoFish, a snow surfer that combines speed, control, and float with the freedom to move your feet around like you’re riding a skate or surfboard. Based off a hybrid Fish shape, it features a unique flex, and top and base construction that lets you slash and tweak airs in ways yo... More»
Operator 2009
Burton - Operator
From silent flights over slack jawed locals to mellow sessions with friends, Shaun’s board is so dialed it rides like an extension of his body. The everlasting strength of Infinite Ride™, a lively Carbon I-Beam™, and extra-grippy Pressure Distribution Edges combine to give the Operator™ added edge hold and pop. Add the versatility of a directional shape and you get a bla... More»
Operator Smalls 2009
Burton - Operator Smalls
You might not ride like Shaun…yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the added performance. A freestyle powerhouse inspired by the same board Shaun rides, the Operator™ Smalls gives hard-charging kids the wings to fly higher and ride harder than all their homies. Equally skilled on jumps, jibs, and in the pipe, the Operator Smalls features a soft and forgiving flex, our... More»
Primo 2009
Burton - Primo
The fully-loaded Primo™ leaves looks of terror on the competition’s half-assed attempt at a pocket-friendly park stick. An unstoppable axe of freestyle destruction, the Primo’s soft side is matched by an armored-car construction that tears through snow, steel, and pavement without fear for its safety. From murdering street rails, to chopping the park to pieces—this is one... More»
S-Series 2009
Burton - S-Series
Seek solitude beyond resort boundaries with the self-propelled power of the world’s most capable split board. In touring mode, the S-Series™ effortlessly blazes past all the post-holing chumps, before quickly converting to powder slasher at the summit. For the ride down, we sought inspiration from the legendary Supermodel™ to guarantee the board floats, spins, and slashes... More»
Se7en 2009
Burton - Se7en
With nearly a decade of refinement behind it, the SE7EN™ gives Trevor Andrew the power to turn anything he touches into gold. Since half his day is spent sliding across everything but snow, he added the NEW meatier Park Edges iced out with the Rail Ready™ tune. Then he glazed the cake with his latest creation—da NEW Scoop, which turns the edges up at the tip and tail to e... More»
Stigma 2009
Burton - Stigma
Fully loaded without the credit card hangover, the Stigma™ puts the competition’s so-called “premium” park sticks to shame. Turning every inch of this snowy planet into your personal playground—the Stigma’s bomber strength and mellow flex let you charge without fear of the repercussions at stake. The Rail Ready™ tune lets you slide without hang-ups, while the NEW Pro-Tip™... More»
Stria 2009
Burton - Stria
With a smooth flex and all the premium trimmings, the Stria™ defines park luxury for the rider who butters, ollies, and jibs their way down the mountain. Twin-tipped and loaded with the added strength, pop, and skate-inspired feel of the Park Fly III™ core, the Stria also features the Channel, which makes it easy to micro-adjust your stance with any Burton binding. More»
Supermodel 2009
Burton - Supermodel
Capitalizing on every ounce of performance, while tailoring the flex, shape, and feel specifically for the female rider, the NEW Women’s Supermodel™ is as relaxed surfing the snow as it is in the sky. Enhancing its powder-tuned tapered shape with all the speed, strength, and weight-savings you’d expect from Burton, carve with more power, flow with more control, and find l... More»
Supermodel 2009
Burton - Supermodel
Early morning goods-in-the-woods mentality meets post-lunch freestyle desire, the Supermodel™ is the OG all-mountain ATV. The tapered shape adds stability when speeding and float when surfing, while remaining mellow edge-to-edge for laid-back cruising. Whether you run our traditional or EST™ bindings, the Channel will open your eyes to an entirely new way to connect to y... More»
Supermodel X 2009
Burton - Supermodel X
From champagne slashes to airs off natural features, and runs so steep you’d normally need a diaper, the Supermodel X™ slays all terrain with the ultimate balance of speed, skill, and power. Make the most of those epic dumps with the slightly tapered shape and Powder Fly III™ core, which combine with our fastest base formula to let you surf without struggle. More»
T6 2009
Burton - T6
With the acceleration and agility of an F-22 Raptor, the T6™ cruises above the mountains at record-breaking heights. Test pilots like Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller fly through snow and sky at supersonic speeds armed with an arsenal of weapons. Smooth Ride™ absorbs turbulence for faster descents and larger airs with less impact on the body, while the aluminum honeycom... More»
The Hero 2009
Burton - The Hero
Meet our latest rocker design and newest freestyle weapon. V-Rocker on the Hero features a rocker between your feet, with additional rockers toward the nose and tail for superhuman foot control, press-ability, and pop. Buttery Scoop tips only add to the all-around boosted performance. More»
Troop 2009
Burton - Troop
Working with freestyle phenom Elena Hight, we’ve redesigned the Troop™ with a more stable shape, softer flex, and our latest tech to maximize the fun. NEW Smooth Ride Plus™ in the topsheet and sidewalls takes the thunder out of the chunder so you can charge with more speed, control, and finesse. Park, pow, or cruisers—pick your poison and then pick it to pieces. More»
Twin 2009
Burton - Twin
Initiate all-out freestyle warfare with the Twin™, a mid wide legend in the making. The Park Fly™ core is designed to be soft where you want it, burly where you need it, and super light all-around. Infinite Ride™, extra-strength 10|45™ sidewalls, and NEW Dual Density Triax™ join forces to give this weapon eternal life. Between the banger graphics and the bulletproof chass... More»
Un..Inc 2009
Burton - Un..Inc
Snowlar powered. More»
Vapor 2009
Burton - Vapor
Designers and engineers stayed up late sweating every detail of the Vapor™—arguing over grams, literally peeling apart countless proto decks to fight for every ounce of untapped performance. The result is a smoke-weight snowboard so technologically refined it erases the line between mind and mountain, allowing world champion Kevin Pearce to ride with more ability than eve... More»
X8 2009
Burton - X8
With Tadashi Fuse at the X8’s controls, this future-shocked phenomenon rewrites the rules of what a park board should ride like. Twin-tipped and buttery with all the premium tech, the X8™ unites skate-style fun with the speed, precision, and weight-savings expected of our highest-end decks. The Living Color graphics transform as temps drop, while the Channel opens your mi... More»