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Aura 2009
Forum - Aura
Simple, proven ingredients are the recipe to creating this incredibly easy-to-ride board with a buttery-soft flex. Available in five sizes, all with a generous sidecut and a super-clean shape, the Aura has brought many female riders from beginner to expert in the span of one season. More»
Craft 2009
Forum - Craft
The Craft is an award-winning twintip freestyle board that’s a proven performer. The TransWorld SNOWboarding Board Test yielded this board a coveted “Good Wood” seal of approval. This reinforces that it is one of the best go-anywhere freestyle boards available. The SuperGNAR™LE core, Triax glass construction, and clean shape align to make the Craft a great choice. More»
Destroyer 2009
Forum - Destroyer
The Destroyer series has become Forum’s benchmark for freestyle progression. This punchy, true-twin shape offers a stable platform for all types of freestyle trickery. Lightweight glass laminates and a SuperGNAR™LE core balance technical firepower with simple all-terrain function. Grain Belt technology adds stability at speed without sacrificing its predictable, park-tune... More»
Eddie Wall Pro 2009
Forum - Eddie Wall Pro
According to the man himself, Eddie Wall, “My snowboard will make you| ride faster, flip harder, spin quicker, more popular, much smarter, way cuter, extremely talented, make better decisions, nicer, funnier, thinner, happier, and pretty much change your life in every possible good way. Enjoy.” He says all this because he worked on a custom flex profile that is perfect fo... More»
Grudge 2009
Forum - Grudge
Forum’s flagship board features the most progressive shape on the market. Blending a sensitive, lively flex into an ultra-responsive, directional outline produces an exceptional ride. Tight transition zones in the nose and tail mean precise turning. Expect pro-level performance with all-mountain freestyle control. From core content to flex profile, the Grudge delivers a r... More»
John Jackson Pro 2009
Forum - John Jackson Pro
Both John Jackson and his new Seeker Pro Model are very welcome additions to this year’s Forum lineup. The all-new board is a twin freestyle weapon made to John’s exact specifications. The board features a SuperGNAR™LE 3 core, laminates of Light Triax w/Carbon, and a slick Formula Base. This combination creates the ultimate tool for all-mountain freestyle progression. If ... More»
Manual 2009
Forum - Manual
Riders who want an amazing, unrivaled jib board will seek out the Manual. The shape is perfectly symmetrical with a long running length and short nose and tail. The Manual’s short tips reduces hooking the nose or tail when jumping onto rails and such. The long running length means you can downsize about three to four centimeters from a normal all-mountain board. Shorter m... More»
Mini Youngblood 2009
Forum - Mini Youngblood
Ride like the big dogs with the kid-sized Mini Youngblood. We scaled down the legendary Youngblood board for groms who want a progressive, twin-shaped freestyle board. With a park-tuned flex from the Biax glass laminates, this board turns easily and presses like a dream. For 2009, the Mini YB is available in three sizes. More»
Pat Moore Pro 2009
Forum - Pat Moore Pro
Pat Moore is one of snowboarding’s hardest working riders and he put in overtime on his new pro model. His version of the Scheme, with a directional shape, ultra-fast Formula base and Light Triax glass, produces a skateboard-style feel. The upgraded SuperGNAR™LE 1 core reduces overall weight. A medium flex profile makes the board stable enough for jumbo jumps but soft eno... More»
Raider 2009
Forum - Raider
Riders with bigger feet just need a bit more board, not a boat. The Raider meets the needs of the size (US) 11+ foot in a very agile, all-mountain directional, with no extra bulk. The FullyGNAR™ core and Quadrax glass laminates are the keys to this easy-turning ride. The tip-to-tail wood laminates compliment the four-way glass matrix for consistent flex through the arc of... More»
Recon 2009
Forum - Recon
Forum quality and versatile all-mountain fun are delivered in the easy-riding Recon. This board has made many a weekend warrior into a hardcore rider for life. It’s all in the details; forgiving flex and a clean directional shape make this an easy turning board designed to maximize fun. With a lightweight Compound Matrix core and smooth gliding Free Base, it’s a solid rid... More»
Roost 2009
Forum - Roost
The Forum Roost is an all-out powder gun with versatility for the whole mountain. With a tapered directional shape, the nose floats on the snow’s surface while the narrower, shorter tail makes turns in the deep stuff easy to carve. A super-fast Formula base and Grain Belt Technology in the core make the groomers inviting as well; adding stability and speed where you need ... More»
Scheme 2009
Forum - Scheme
A progressive, directional shaped all-mountain board, the Scheme is a new offering that brings pro-level performance to the masses. Tight transition zones in the nose and tail improve contact and translate into snappy edge-to-edge transfer. Maximum response on the snow is aided by a stabilizing Grain Belt technology. In addition, the slick Formula base puts that extra zin... More»
Seeker 2009
Forum - Seeker
The Seeker fits into the Forum line as the most aggressive twin-shaped board. Overall torsional rigidity means high-speed stability and paired with its deep sidecut, the Seeker is a versatile boards. From park jumps to powder runs, the lightweight SuperGNAR™LE 2 core gives it an agile feel under foot and in the air. Carbon in the glass laminates adds the extra pop off the... More»
Spinster 2009
Forum - Spinster
The Spinster is a new board for 2009. With its stable, slightly wider outline, this is a women’s park-specific board. Bi Ax glass lamination gives it a flex that’s perfect for boxes, rails, and butters. The durable Free Base is built to withstand the rigors of hardcore park riding. With six sizes to choose from, this lightweight twin-shape is the board of choice for girls... More»
Star 2009
Forum - Star
The Star keeps things simple. It’s fun to ride because it’s easy to turn and works great all over the mountain. The forgiving properties of a Bi-Ax glass construction give it a super flex, which aids in easy edge-to-edge transfer for smooth, effortless turning. More»
Stomper 2009
Forum - Stomper
With an emphasis on ultra-versatile rideability, this supreme freeride machine was designed for easy every day fun. The Stomper offers a full tip-to-tail wood GNAR™ core and forgiving Biax glass for good times all over the mountain. This super-turny, flexible ride has a directional shape and comes in a vast array of sizes to suit just about everybody. The blunt shaped tip... More»
Substance 2009
Forum - Substance
This is a slightly stiffer, beefier update of the Youngblood, built for serious abuse. The dual density sidewalls and Quadrax glass combine to give it unmatched ollie-pop and the durability that hardcore park riding demands. Medium flex makes it easily pressable but in no way is it a noodle. The Substance is designed for riders stepping up to pro-level performance. Also ... More»
Superstar 2009
Forum - Superstar
The Superstar offers the ultimate in pro-level performance for the demanding female rider. With a slim outline and deep sidecut, it is a highly responsive, aggressive women’s board. The Light Triax laminates deliver lean turnability and consistent flex. Inside, the SuperGNAR™LE 2 core creates a playful, poppy feel from tip to tail while the gender-tuned flex offers total ... More»
Symbol 2009
Forum - Symbol
All-new for 2009, the Symbol series is best defined as a true directional, all-mountain freeride board. The Light Triax glass lay-up offers lean, responsive turning. The ultra-hard Formula base adds extra durability to guaranteed all-season speed. Inside, the SuperGNAR™LE 2 core creates a playful, poppy feel from tip to tail. With its slightly rear-centered stance, there ... More»
The Hundreds 2009
Forum - The Hundreds
This exclusive deck represents a first time collaboration with any snow brand for The Hundreds. At its core, The Hundreds is a two-part project that houses both a clothing line and online magazine. Inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle and California culture, The Hundreds is stocked in over 400 of the world’s most respected streetwear and skate boutiques, including their ... More»
Travis Kennedy pro 2009
Forum - Travis Kennedy pro
Pro team rider Travis Kennedy delivers another custom-tuned variant of his upgraded Destroyer board. And like Travis, this board is all about style and progression. An upgraded SuperGNAR LE 1 core produces maximum pop yet keeps weight down. Kennedy also included a Formula base for unquestionable speed and durability. From the schoolyard to the secret stash, The Kid’s new ... More»
Youngblood 2009
Forum - Youngblood
The versatile freestyle board built for everyone is the ever-popular Youngblood. Smooth-flexing and forgiving Biax glass and a park-tuned GNAR™ core, make the Youngblood perfect for everything from street rails to park obstacles. The twin shape means maximum control riding regular or switch. If you’ve got your sights set on the park’s pro-line, the Youngblood is it. More»