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Bliss 2009
Flow - Bliss
GIRLS ROCK THE PARK The all-new Bliss is perfect for the girl looking to make that effortless first turn. The Bliss is superquick and snaps fast turns and is forgiving enough on young limbs to allow for tons of runs through the park and pipe. The True Twin shape is perfect for learning to ride switch as well. Finally, a girl-specifi c twin that’ll push t... More»
Diskord 2009
Flow - Diskord
Whether hiking your favorite back country booter, rallying through powder or sessioning the park, the Diskord is true fusion of all mountain performance. The Diskord is completely reshaped to be a true working class hero for all levels of riders. Engineered with Whiskey Royale, Optix 2000 with Structurn and DT Sidecuts all ... More»
Elation 2009
Flow - Elation
PROGRESSIVE ELEGANCE Super fun, easy to handle and hard-charging, this board will take all-mountain and freestyle skill to the next level. Slightly directional, the Elation is in complete control when you’re learning how to carve or when hitting your first park. Extra snappy Biax with a DT sidecut makes the tightest turns & keeps your board from hooking ... More»
Era 2009
Flow - Era
JUST PLAIN BUTTER Soft middle, snap loaded under your feet with a super soft fl exing nose & tail, the Era will conquer any road gap or style out any park kicker or jib. Skate-inspired to be an extension of your body with a slightly wider waist width, the ET Edge & slightly convex base will slay any rail or box. This true twin won’t puss out thanks to b... More»
Infinia 2009
Flow - Infinia
The ultimate balance of precision weaponry and elegance, this board was built to push the level of any rider on any terrain. Slightly directional with added pop on the tail, the Infi nia is agile in the park and cruises easily in pow. The Optix NHS base with 3-D Structurn with the DT Sidecuts will guarantee that yo... More»
Infinite 2009
Flow - Infinite
Born to launch over the nastiest gaps, destroy the backcountry, jacks airs the size of three men in the pipe & have doughy softness for a lazy jib session. Risto’s high demands are what the Infi nite is all about. A true quiver “of one” thanks to its Optix NHS base with Structurn and Lite Quadrax with Carbon & Whi... More»
Jewel 2009
Flow - Jewel
BREAKING DOWN THE BOUNDARIES The easiest, forgiving jib board on the market, the Jewel is light and snappy and will handle any park with ease. A True Twin that is slightly wider with a convex shaped base makes the toughest rail or box look simple. Optix Crystal base with 3-D Structurn guarantees speed for any kicker while the DT Sidecut keeps everything ... More»
Merc 2009
Flow - Merc
THE MOST ADVANCED RIDE FOR THE PRICE The combination of our Pretensioned Glass on a directional all-mountain shape, coupled with a subtle tapered radial sidecut, equals ease and fun that is perfect for a beginner or an advanced rider. Super poppy, yet the mellow nose/tail fl ex make for a ride that can absorb the roughest of terrain. Push your Merc to th... More»
Micron Mini 2009
Flow - Micron Mini
FROM PLAYGROUNDS TO PARKS Little rippers, look no further than the Micron Mini. This grom-friendly board design adopts a soft-fl ex pattern for easy turning and forgiveness. Its True Twin shape makes riding goofy as much fun as riding regular. The Optix Crystal base allows speed through the whole season with minimal care. This board will let your micron ... More»
MyRiad 2009
Flow - MyRiad
AWARD WINNING QUEEN OF THE PARK. The Myriad has won an award three years in a row, the longest stretch of any board on the market. Now reshaped into a True Twin, the Myriad is back to slay any park out there. If you’re into hitting an urban rail or charging a superpipe, this twin has no competition. Packed full with Quadrax & Whiskey Royale, this board i... More»
Quantum 2009
Flow - Quantum
AWARD WINNING KING OF THE TWINS Are you sick of fl accid twins that wash out every time you step on the throttle? Step up to the Quantum, Scotty Lago’s signature shred sled that is designed to lay waste to any jib or jump with steeze to please. A true twin that is soft enough to mold to the tightest transitions, yet maintains total control at high speeds... More»
Solitude 2009
Flow - Solitude
Re-engineered to do all the work for you -- just point the Solitude & enjoy the ride. This totally new shape is super buoyant in the ultimate powder conditions, yet has a beefy tail that stays solid in steep and hard-packed terrain. New Whiskey Double Malt increases grip, dampens vibrations while allowing extra p... More»
Strike 2009
Flow - Strike
The Strike is comfortable for fi rst-time park laps or boosting off cornices. Designed to be ridden both forward and switch, the fl ex is slightly set back for increased pop & the 1cm longer nose is shaped to add fl oat in powder or to cruise over rough terrain. The PT Biax adds tons of pop & increased compression strength, wh... More»
Team Micron 2009
Flow - Team Micron
WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT ANTTI AUTTI? The Antti-inspired Team Micron is the weapon of choice for your little shredder. This True Twin is super light with tons of pop, yet forgiving for the progressing rider. The Radial Sidecut snaps quick, easily turns and the Optix Crystal base adds speed and boost out of the pipe and clearance for your first park hit. ... More»
The Team 2009
Flow - The Team
UPPING THE ANTTI From hucking 12’s on stadium kickers, back to back 10’s in the pipe and sick airs in the Tahoe backcountry. Everything from the aesthetics to the performance engineering of the board has been inspired by Antti Autti. The shape is slightly directional for increased pop off the tail, yet is twin-like for the die-hard park rider whose focus... More»
Venus 2009
Flow - Venus
UNRIVALED BEAUTY & ELEGANCE Winner of the Future Magazine Award, this all-mountain shape is perfect for the developing riders who want a super friendly ride. From smooth, graceful turns while exploring the whole mountain, the Venus is the perfect starter board. The Venus features a tighter sidecut for easy turning and a long generous blend-zone at the ti... More»
WX 2009
Flow - WX
THE NEXT LEVEL IN PEAK TO PARK MASTERY Your search for the ultimate board stops here. The new WX ups its arsenal with innovative technology like the new Whiskey X & S-Wall. Never has so much technology been incorporated into one board. This board performs as well as an $1,800 hand-crafted board. The WX has cat-like agility, speed & precision for the nast... More»