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Axel 2009
Burton - Axel
Ready to rip the entire mountain, the NEW Axel™ is your best bet for full-throttle freestyle and has the honor of being our lightest women’s boot ever. Board control takes on next-level clarity thanks to the NEW EST™ midsole, which removes bulk to lower your center of gravity and bring you closer to your board. The NEW, soft flexing Flex2™ liner provides added mobility to... More»
Casa 2009
Burton - Casa
Doesn’t paradise sound nice? Entice your feet with true bliss and enter the snowboard world with the Casa™. Beginners and intermediate riders alike will dig the custom fit of the heat-moldable Imprint™ liner with our women’s-specific True Fit™, and a forgiving flex that makes progressing on any terrain fast and fun. Best of all, at the end of the day you can treat your fr... More»
Driver X 2009
Burton - Driver X
Loud and fast, the Driver X™ is like listening to Slayer on a plush pair of studio headphones. While it might be too aggro for the soft-boot sissies, riders like Kazu and JP Solberg rely on its power to propel themselves up, over, and through anything. This year’s Imprint™ 3 liner comes complete with the locked and loaded fit of the NEW Supercuff, and the Vibram® EcoStep™... More»
Emerald 2009
Burton - Emerald
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; ask your feet and they’ll tell you different. The Emerald™ boasts the rarest of elements for a ride that shines on any terrain, no matter how cold it gets. Hot Pockets let you drop in disposable foot warming packs for instant warmth, while an even faster Speed Zone™ lacing system equals lightning quick entry and adjustment. If a... More»
Emerald GMP 2009
Burton - Emerald GMP
Finally, a boot that helps protect the planet while you’re out destroying the hill. Using eco-conscious materials like mesh made from recycled bottles and PVC-free synthetic eco-leather, this Green Mountain Project edition of the Emerald™ helps give toxic waste the boot. Loaded with the comfort and convenience of our women’s-specific True Fit™ design, Speed Zone™ lacing, ... More»
Emerald Smalls 2009
Burton - Emerald Smalls
The NEW Emerald™ Smalls, inspired by the premium ride of one of our most popular women’s boots, makes it easier than ever for kids to progress their skills, and have fun doing it. Check the lightning-fast lacing of the NEW Speed Zone Express™ system. With no knots, tangles, or assistance needed from mom or dad, it’s just easy-on/easy-off convenience with comfort that stay... More»
Freestyle 2009
Burton - Freestyle
With its classic blend of light weight, cushioning, and mobility, the Freestyle™ combines everything you love about skate shoes with everything you want in a snowboard boot. A heat-moldable Imprint™ liner means a glove-like fit, while the soft flex lets you tweak ‘til your eyes bleed. With added EVA shocks for bomb drops and slipper-like comfort for full day park laps, th... More»
Hail 2009
Burton - Hail
A high-grade hucker loaded with all the trimmings, the Hail™ is the unofficial pro model of toilet scrubbing, dish-washing shredders worldwide. Built to let you lap the park ‘til your legs fall off, the Hail features shock-proof air cushioning, and our NEW Flex2™ liner for a ride that’s just as soft and buttery as the shell. The NEW Flex Spine™ 2.0 Backstay begs to be bon... More»
Ion 2009
Burton - Ion
Straight up reinvented, the boot ridden by more Burton [and non-Burton] pros than any other is an entirely new animal. The NEW EST™ midsole lowers your center of gravity for a closer connection with your board, while NEW RX Adjustable Cushioning lets you switch your suspension between the cush of gel or the responsiveness of air. Not enough? We even shrunk the boot’s foot... More»
Jeremy Jones 2009
Burton - Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones opens minds with his riding. He embodies everything that is snowboarding, and his new boot is no different. Challenging us to build a boot to his exact specs that would slay all aspects of freestyle, Jeremy insisted his boot be within reach of anyone who wants it. Designers called a boot at this price, of this caliber ‘impossible.’ Lucky for you, Jeremy didn’... More»
Lodi 2009
Burton - Lodi
Cloud-floating comfort, high-flying style, and a focus on taking your skills to new heights—the Lodi™ lets you have fun, feel confident and look ridiculously good doing it. The articulating cuff flexes naturally for fluid support, while the NEW faux fur-lined Imprint™ 2 Liner comes equipped with Hot Pockets for dropping in disposable foot warmers. Like a pimped out cockpi... More»
Mint 2009
Burton - Mint
Whatever your abilities or riding style, throw your skills on fast forward with the Mint™. Offering a dream-like fit, and freshened up with even more flavor and style, the Mint steals the show for comfort and quality at an unbeatable price. The glove-like fit of a heat-moldable Imprint™ liner joins forces with the NEW Speed Zone Express™ lacing system to make it even fast... More»
Modern 2009
Burton - Modern
Give your feet the respect they deserve. The Modern pulls out all the stops for making a boot look good, and there’s no shortage on comfort here either. NEW Hot Pockets let you drop in a disposable foot-warmer to keep those digits warm, upgraded Speed Zone™ makes the fastest lacing system even quicker, easier, and more comfortable. NEW Air Cushioning turns every landing i... More»
Moto 2009
Burton - Moto
Focusing on high performance without the high price, the Moto™ features the custom fit of a heat-moldable liner, shock-proof EVA cushioning in the footbed and outsole, and the fastest, strongest, and easiest lacing system on snow. Mix in that classic Burton comfort and it’s no wonder that this is the bestselling boot in snowboarding seven year’s running. Can you say eight... More»
Ozone 2009
Burton - Ozone
To make a boot this light, most companies compromise durability and ride-ability in exchange for mere ounces. We didn’t think you should have to suffer. From the start, team riders Mason, Mikkel, and Downing demanded the boot be soft yet supportive, with a shorter footprint, tons of cushioning, and stupid-simple lacing. We gave them all that, then added an EST™ optimized ... More»
Poacher 2009
Burton - Poacher
It’s time to crank the stoke on your kicks collection. Blending sneaker head styling with full-on snowboard function, the NEW Poacher proves that technical park performance and good looks can co-exist. Shred-ready features include the buttery mobility and locked-in heel-hold of our NEW Flex1™ liner. Dip it in that classic Burton comfort and you’ve got an ill boot that lea... More»
Q 2009
Burton - Q
Maximum support for the ultimate in all-mountain horsepower, the Q™ delivers whether you’re running laps on the lifts or hiking for hidden stashes. The only boot Victoria Jealouse deems worthy for untracked Alaskan peaks, the Q provides her with the power she needs to dissect every inch of the mountain. Don’t let its aggressive face fool ya—inside the Q is plush with prem... More»
Ruler 2009
Burton - Ruler
The Ruler™ has been the one boot others have fought to measure up to for over a decade. Featuring the planet’s most powerful lacing system, and upgraded with the largest Burton air bag to ever hit snow, the Ruler owns everything from your backyard to the backcountry. Kicking ass for longer than the life span of most of today’s boot companies, it’s no wonder the likes of G... More»
Ruler GMP 2009
Burton - Ruler GMP
Remember Captain Planet? He combined the powers of earth, wind, fire, water, and heart to take pollution down to zero. While our goals with the Ruler™ were a little more modest, we took the best tech like Speed Zone™ lacing and Shrinkage™, then combined them with the most environmental materials available. Using mesh made from recycled bottles and PVC-free synthetic eco-l... More»
Ruler Smalls 2009
Burton - Ruler Smalls
Names speak for themselves; the Ruler’s no exception. Helping the big dawgs destroy all terrain for over 12 years now; we thought it was about time you ruled everything, too. With a single pull lacing system, the NEW Speed Zone Express™ makes it easy to get these boots on and off all by yourself. We even added our heat-moldable Imprint™ liner to give you the one-of-a-kind... More»
Sabbath 2009
Burton - Sabbath
As the future focused cult classic, the Sabbath™ defines team-driven freestyle. On the interior, riders like Terje and Trevor Andrew demand nothing less than Rolls-Royce plush. Make no mistake, when it’s time to rally, the Sabbath hits the after-burners with cat-like agility and stomp-everything stability. Super cushioned soles dampen the blows from flat landings, while e... More»
Sapphire 2009
Burton - Sapphire
The Sapphire™ combines a smooth flex with skate-shoe comfort, cushioning, and style to create that freestyle feel you’ve been searching for. Thanks to the NEW Supercuff, entry and exit is now easier than ever, while the NEW Therm-ic compatible Flex2™ liner provides fluid flex in a heat-ready package. So slip ‘em on and you’ll see why pros like Natasza Zurek, Elena Hight, ... More»
SLX 2009
Burton - SLX
The perfect fusion of comfort, art, technology, and speed, the SLX™ offers riders the purest transmission of human power to forward motion. Both anatomically precise and efficient, the SLX seamlessly blends the most advanced inner-workings with a silhouette that is as light as it is limber, and as comfortable as it is confident. Prepare to heighten your senses, propel you... More»
Stumpy 2009
Burton - Stumpy
When our team called for a boot with a lower cuff and more than ample flex, we got all nostalgic on memories of Stevie Alters ripping the Stumpy™. Just like back in the day, this boot is all about escaping the confines of traditional design to allow greater mobility and Tai-pan tweakage. We even gave it two sets of liners—one for playing in the park, another for pounding ... More»
Supreme 2009
Burton - Supreme
Featuring science’s greatest secrets mixed with a little Burton magic, the Supreme™ gives gold-medal prodigies like Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark the power to push the envelope of what’s possible on a snowboard. Every single stitch and detail of the Supreme has been examined to combine slipper-like comfort with shit-kicking performance. Heat-ready with the NEW Therm-ic pre... More»
The Shaun 2009
Burton - The Shaun
Triple-overhead spins in the superpipe? Switch-backside 1080’s in the park? They may not be in your bag of tricks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the added performance. A 30% lighter NOTRUB outsole helps Shaun fly higher, with the Power Spine™ 1.0 Backstay supporting him when it’s time to throw down the landing gear. The Golden One demands a lot from his boots, and t... More»
The Shaun Small 2009
Burton - The Shaun Small
If Shaun rocked these when he was six, we’d be snowboarding on the moon. Featuring the same magical ride that’s taken Shaun years to refine, his NEW signature boot for the Smalls offers pro performance in a kid-specific powerhouse. The softer flex means added mobility for freestyle progression in the park and pipe. On the inside, the boot is loaded with cush comfort, incl... More»
Tribute 2009
Burton - Tribute
Worthy of pro riders, budget shredders, and beginners alike, the Tribute™ is the best value in boots today. Simple, comfortable, and built to last, the Tribute features the premium warmth and glove-like fit of a heat-moldable Imprint™ liner and a soft-flexing ride that will leave those two-plankers wishing they were shredders. More»
Tryst 2009
Burton - Tryst
Get lightweight park performance and street-sneak styling without the Rodeo Drive splurge. Tricked out for more than just a stroll, the soft-flexing shell gives you the feel of your favorite skate shoes, while the NEW heat-moldable Flex1™ liner lets you custom mold these kicks to the exact contours of your feet. Whether you’re a couch-surfing pro or a newbie looking to ig... More»
XIII 2009
Burton - XIII
A high-performance boot with the balls to back up its luxurious look, the NEW XIII™ represents the ultimate synergy of style and design innovation. Leaving nothing to desire, the rich feel of real leather masks internal opulence that includes all of our most legendary cushioning and comfort technologies. In the end, just know that every detail of the XIII has been painsta... More»
Youth Grom 2009
Burton - Youth Grom
Once your li’l ripper slips on his NEW Groms he’ll be gone. With the oversized-design of the NEW Shred Ready straps, he’ll be in and out all by himself. The NEW GromTech outsole is extra soft for improved traction and comfort; while the Room-to-Grow™ footbed means mom isn’t buying new boots every season. Thinsulate™ insulation brings it all together to keep those li’l pig... More»