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Arena 2009
Forum - Arena
The top-of-the-line Arena binding was overhauled for 2009. Utilizing team-rider feedback, a stronger version of this proven performer was built. A totally re-designed heel spar and the introduction of our a Living Hinge Highback creates a streamlined heel frame and increased support. The asymmetrical highback delivers pro-level support and response, with minimized volume.... More»
Aura 2009
Forum - Aura
Simple and functional, the Aura model binding is the ladies choice. The ergonomic nylon Uniform baseplate offers all-mountain support and flexibility with EVA foam padding for dampening. A comfy strap set-up adds to the support of the Living Hinge highback, which can be instantly custom-adjusted by using the tool-free FLAD. More»
Faction 2009
Forum - Faction
From the park to the pipe to the city streets, the Faction binding performs. This is Forumís softest Platformô binding with 15% short-fiber glass in the baseplate offering a medium flex for all-terrain action. EVA foam adds dampening in the baseplate while the Throwdown Toecap holds your boot firmly in the heelcup. Adjustability and comfort come together to create this ha... More»
Lein 2009
Forum - Lein
The 2009 Lein binding is revamped with a new strap kit, featuring the Throwdown Toecap toes and the cushy Misty ankle strap. With an integrated toe-ramp and a fully-adjustable Living Hinge highback, a responsive ride is guaranteed. 15% short-fiber glass content in the baseplate makes this the stiffer of the two Uniformô series bindings; soft enough for rails and jibs, yet... More»
Moda 2009
Forum - Moda
The new 2009 Moda combines the best features of Forum bindings in a superior all-mountain design. The lightweight Uniform frame offers a subtle flex while the Living Hinge highback provides support and custom forward lean. A Misty ankle strap and Throwdown Toe Cap finish the package with proper cushioning and clean lines. More»
Recon 2009
Forum - Recon
Just strap in and ride; the Recon binding really makes it that easy. Offering plenty of features for custom adjustment and connective response, the Recon keeps things fun. EVA foam in the baseplate dampens chatter while the upgraded EVA-padded strap kit keeps your feet in comfort. A rotatable highback with a full-custom FLAD adds to the incredible value of Forumís most af... More»
The Republic 2009
Forum - The Republic
The Republic returns for 2009 as Forumís most popular binding and its obvious why. From the baseplate, with 30% short-fiber glass for increased rigidity to the team-designed highback, the Republic is a full-featured freestyle performer. The Misty Plush ankle strap and Throwdown Toecap offer solid foot hold and complete comfort. Designed for total customization, this bindi... More»
VSP 2009
Forum - VSP
Simple function and technical performance are equally balanced in the new 2009 VSP binding. Made for the most demanding female riders, the VSP delivers full-featured adjustability to create a custom comfort and fit. From the dampening power of the EVA foam-lined baseplate to the cushy support of the Misty Plush ankle straps, the VSP puts comfort first. Adjustable toe ramp... More»