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K2  Maker:  K2
 Category:  Binding
 Model:  Charm
 Year:  2007

3.5 Stars on 2010-07-30 15:32:17
New! Fusion Base
New! Women’s Cored Ergo with VFL
Women’s Classic Caddy Ankle Strap
Universal Toe Strap
Aluminum Speed Ratchets
K2 Charm, 2007
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EASY, COMFY PROGRESSION New to the Women’s K2 binding collection, the Charm comes in to accommodate those advancing ladies looking for all the essentials necessary to advance your riding, but may not be ready to give up that new pair of jeans quite yet. Don’t worry, we hear yah! Designed with a grip of tool-less adjustments, our women’s specific Cored Ergo Highback, Classic Caddy Straps and Aluminum Speed Ratchets, the Charm is sure to progress with you.
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