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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Decade
 Year:  2007
 Price:  $429 (MSRP)

3.5 Stars Based based on
5 votes and 2 reviews
Ride Decade, 2007
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CLEAN, CLASSIC RIDE STYLE The ’06 Decade sets the bar for all-terrain versatility. Its Misty 1 3D construction optimizes weight, response and comfort for a smooth and easy feel that answers back when you’re on. Now with added Carbon Array, this Ride is loaded and ready for a variety of epic days no matter what the condition.
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by Anonymous on 11.01.2010
Strengths: Copes with all conditions very well. Excellent in the powder and on the piste. Windows showing board`s core looks good, novelty factor there! Excellent first board for charging around the resort on.
by Anonymous on 03.11.2008
Strengths: well constructed (no flaws) - windows showing core is cool - floats very well in deep powder - directional shape good in powder - good flex and pop - high end beginner board
Weaknesses: quadratic sidecut too deep - tries to turn by itself - bounces out when edging hard - riding switch near impossible - "misty con" is useless - only 4x4 inserts - graphics are dead (like a generic pack of cigarettes) - expensive - high end beginner board (suggest beginners buy the "Agenda" and save $140)

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Decade 2006
Ride - Decade
DOES IT ALL WITH STYLE Whether the desire is to relax or push limits, the Decade takes advantage of the Misty 1 Sidewall’s smoothing characteristics, filtering high-frequency noise out of the turn and allowing Riders like Shane Flood to set the edge and let it Ride! More»

by Anonymous on 03.07.2006
Strengths: i have the 158 wide, and its the best wide board i've ridden
Weaknesses: colors

by Anonymous on 12.22.2005
Strengths: stable for freeride
Weaknesses: price

by rusty on 12.14.2005
Strengths: stable, smooth on turns
Weaknesses: colors