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Burton  Maker:  Burton
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 Model:  Ion
 Year:  2008

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Burton Ion, 2008
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Team-driven tech freestyle. The Burton Ion Snowboard Boot is the choice of Burton team freestyle ground breakers like Jussi, Tadashi and Mads. A killer all around boot that holds it tight in a clutch. Supreme fit and support, the Burton Ion boot is the choice of Burton team riders for a reason. New lightweight mesh skin drops weight and adds strength while the new upper cuff design wraps optimizes fit and comfort. Speed Zone lacing gets you in and out of the boot with speed, ease and custom control. Light, smart and comfortable, the Burton Ion will take you to boot heaven and let you fully rip it all the way back.
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Fusion 2005
Burton - Fusion
The revolution is here.In designing the Fusion™, we took the performance, comfort and adjustability featured on all our strap bindings and made the task of entry and exit so easy, you’ll have to ride it to believe it. The Fusion is equipped with a removable aluminum subframe that quickly disengages from the baseplate with a releas... More»

by Anonymous on 11.04.2012
Strengths: Wish they would start making these again. Not so light, but they easliy make up for it with stability and ease of use especially coming off the lift..
Weaknesses: Their not made anymore

Mission 2006
Burton - Mission
Affordable pro performance. As one of the lightest bindings in our line, the Mission is for riders who look at the entire mountain as one giant park. We trimmed the fat on the redesigned hi-back, reducing 13% of the weight, by coring out unneeded materials without reducing strength or response. The short-fiber, glass-reinforced baseplate offers... More»

by Anonymous on 12.30.2007
Strengths: feels just right, toe caps hold you in perfectly
Weaknesses: very weak, in two seasons I have broken both rear clasps, one binding bolt and one toe cap

by Anonymous on 11.14.2007
Strengths: Smooth
Weaknesses: The strap puts pressur on your top foot and my toe strap is always broken

by croninan on 07.08.2007
Strengths: great flex and extremely light wieght. i have the white/black/orange sweet look. tons of adjustablity. plus a smooth responsive ride.
Weaknesses: not very durable the ice spikes on my hail boots tear up the padding on the sole of the binding. but i have rode them between 30 and 40 times. the cap straps look cool and keep your boot back in the binding. but since they are the low end version and don`t wrap around the bottom toe portion of the boot, they can slip up off the boot on deep toe edge craves. not a big deal just irritating. hope this helps

by Anonymous on 03.06.2006
Strengths: Sweet bindings. Great adjustability. The capstraps are awesome.

Mission 2007
Burton - Mission
Thanks to its minimized hi-back construction, the Mission® is a lean, mean shredding machine that’s forgiving enough for buttering, yet packs the punch to ride out the sketchiest landings. Now comes kitted with the wraparound comfort of the Capstrap™ featuring new Grip Fit for locked and loaded power that no other toe strap can touch. More»

by Anonymous on 01.14.2009
Strengths: nice site

by Anonymous on 12.04.2007
Strengths: This binding rocks. It is soft enough to have fun on in the park but is stiff enough to do lots of carving.
Weaknesses: none

Mission 2008
Burton - Mission
Tricks stomped, mission accomplished. The Burton Mission Snowboard Binding starts where the competition’s so-called "High-end" drops off. With the strength of a Lion, this years Mission Binding steps up to the plate with the once top secret Team Skyback for second nature response. The Mission Binding allows you the freedom to flo... More»

by Anonymous on 10.25.2012
Strengths: Comfortable fit, sturdy, light.

by Anonymous on 03.08.2009
Strengths: nice bindings that give you pretty much everything your looking for
Weaknesses: not the most durable, my ratchets are starting to slip after two seasons

Mission 2009
Burton - Mission
A no-nonsense destroyer, the Mission® is for the shredder who’s riding whatever, whenever— instead of working overtime to buy some blinged out binding. While the competition’s crying “uncle,” the Mission keeps dropping hammers with premium performance at PBR prices. With the forget-it’s-there fit of the Team Skyback® and NEW Superstap™—get the fre... More»

by justin on 03.29.2009
Strengths: comfortable
Weaknesses: none

Exile EST- Coalition 2010
Burton - Exile EST- Coalition
Shed the clutter and keep the core with the NEW Exile EST’s bare bones approach to shredding. Experience maximized feel, cushioning, and connectivity with the SensoryBED™. Press through the kink and spin harder than a break-dancing rave DJ with the new laterally supportive Asym Superstrap™. An indestructible baseplate and soft, forgiving “tombston... More»

by Timmygunn17 on 08.23.2011
Strengths: Feel closer to the board
Weaknesses: They are painted over a different color blue baseplate

Ion 2010
Burton - Ion
Ridden by more Burton [and non-Burton] pros than any other, the Ion™ has easily claimed more podiums, covers, and videos than any other. The proving grounds for our latest innovations, this boot is built to adapt and destroy. The fastest, most adjustable lacing system locks you into the superior heel hold of a fully upgraded liner. The heightened ... More»

by Anonymous on 12.07.2009
Strengths: comfy, adjustable, reactive, flexes where it has to
Weaknesses: price, takes a while to adjust right, colours?