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Nitro  Maker:  Nitro
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Team Art Attack
 Year:  2008

4 Stars Based based on
8 votes and 2 reviews
Optimal Matrix Laminates
FH Base
Profile Tip
Size : 152, 155, 157, 159cm
Nitro Team Art Attack, 2008
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2008 Nitro Team Art Attack Snowboard ó Help! Iím being attacked by British skateboard art! If the Nitro Team Art Attack Snowboard could talk, thatís probably what it would say. This freestyle fiend features some wicked graphics by artist French; Nitro describes his work on the Team Art Attack as, ďFine art meets total carnage with a death metal soundtrack.Ē But even all the killer custom art isnít the best part about this stick. The Nitro Team Art Attack features a dual-degressive sidecut, blending two different radii together for smooth turn initiation, powerful carving and soft exits every time. Combined with the Profile Tip, utilizing thinned-out cores in the tip and tail, your Team Art Attack reduces swing weight for maximum stability when youíre careening down the hill at warp speeds on your FH Base. The Optimal Matrix Laminates give you a flex thatís forgiving enough to let you jib whatever you lay eyes on. Grab yourself a piece of delicious art and take a bite out of the mountain on your 2008 Nitro Team Art Attack Snowboard.
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by Anonymous on 01.28.2014
Strengths: Faster than a bat out of hell. I probably spend half of my time in the park and this is great on big jumps and good on rails too. I`m 6`0" and weigh 180 pounds and ride the 159.
Weaknesses: Not as flexible as I would like, but then again it`s not meant to be super buttery.
by Anonymous on 10.10.2010
Strengths: great board, the 159 has served me well for 3 years now, i havent had many problems
Weaknesses: not a massive amount of pop