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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Shaun White
 Year:  2006
 Price:  $499 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
19 votes and 3 reviews
Sintered Base
Super Fly II Core
Dualzoneâ„¢ EGD
Lite Triax Fiberglass
Infinite Ride
Carbon I-Beam
Negative Core Profile
Burton Shaun White, 2006
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Anything’s possible. The instrument for Shaun’s artistry, this lightweight and lively skate-influenced board lets Shaun master anything he puts his mind to. Driving every step of the design process, Shaun wanted a high-performance freestyle board that would react on command, yet remain playful when building his bag of tricks. Infused with the longitudinal snap and response of a Carbon I-Beam, the Shaun White will blast off lips and powers through transitions like no other. Built around a Super Fly II core for potent pop, this board demolishes everything Shaun lays eyes on.
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by Anonymous on 01.30.2016
Strengths: Super poppy. Buttery. Sick on powder days in the trees. What more could you really ask for in a board? Edges also long lasting.
by zaguar on 01.15.2013
Strengths: Awesome it. nice edge on it.
Weaknesses: nothing~!!!
by Anonymous on 12.28.2011
Strengths: awsome board

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by Anonymous on 04.05.2009
Strengths: awsome design,gets high jumps off ramps

by odey101 on 02.11.2009
Strengths: wicked awsome
Weaknesses: not flexy enought hey txt 17808704544

by horneymotha on 10.20.2008
Strengths: this board gets my horney
Weaknesses: nothing i want to bone this board

by joshdude19 on 12.15.2006
Strengths: i like the nice edges on it. they are good for cutting in ice.
Weaknesses: nothing!

by nic4579 on 09.16.2006
Strengths: it really good board
Weaknesses: none

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by Anonymous on 01.06.2017
Strengths: Love this board been riding it since 07 an it still rides like the first time it`s been all over the world with me

by Anonymous on 11.07.2011
Strengths: Great board never let me down road smooth
Weaknesses: wasn`t very scratch or nick resistance got banged up pretty easy but mostly only comsmetic

by Anonymous on 02.16.2011
Strengths: love the board. i am 6` 1`` and i have this board. it is a 143. yeah way to small but still take it out to the parks and it is amazing!
Weaknesses: nothing really. could have a little more flex but other than that great board. i recommend it!

by Anonymous on 08.05.2010
Strengths: been riding this board since `07, and it has done great all mountain, especially in the park.
Weaknesses: not very flexy

by Anonymous on 05.05.2010
Strengths: this board is awesome im about to buy it from my friend this board is great for pipe and park and just about any freestyle terrain its also very light depending on the size you get
Weaknesses: idk any yet

by Anonymous on 04.27.2010
Strengths: its just an overall good board not the best board ive ever ridden but its good my friend is selling it to me so i can have another park board its great for pipe

Shaun White 2007
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by Anonymous on 08.16.2007
Strengths: It a nice boot, great heel support