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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Kink
 Year:  2011
 Price:  $350 (MSRP)

4.5 Stars Based based on
3 votes on 2011-04-25 12:29:52
Ride Kink, 2011
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Now featuring Ride’s new ProRize™ rocker shape for big-time landing stability and pop, the freestyle Kink snowboard is known as a team favorite. Built to withstand numerous beatings, this park destroying twin also features Ride’s durable Cleave Edge™ and impact absorbing 85A Slimewalls®.
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Kink 2006
Ride - Kink
REDEFINED SKATE-STYLE BEAT-DOWNS Now with 20% more butter, the Kink is all about retro-progressive freestyle Riding. It’s soft and flexy, never hooky, is a true Twin, and has a super crisp feel. With a durable Progression Core and 22" stances on the 52 and 56 for the wide-stance crowd, every Ride Pro from Regis to Demolski has one in their quiv... More»

by jared brake on 12.20.2007
Strengths: lost of pop,snap,press,never hooked a rail on it yet i hade it for a yaer and its the best board i ever rode
Weaknesses: no weakness its perfict

by Anonymous on 05.23.2006
Strengths: Flexy and soft but never hooks. I love this board. It is so easy to hold nose or tail presses. It is beautiful on big park kickers. Easy recoveries and light weight. If you`re looking for something to beat the shit out of and have it hold up to any rail sesion possible i highly recomend this board!
Weaknesses: Perfect!

by Anonymous on 03.20.2006
Strengths: sick crazy good feel and control

Kink 2007
Ride - Kink
Some say we’re in the middle of a jib revival, but the 5-year Kink history proves jibs never left! Now with Ride’s exclusive Cleave Edge and brand-new Slimewall for long lasting rail durability, you won’t find a better value than this twin machine. More»

by Anonymous on 04.05.2016
Strengths: Best looking board ever rides great mine has over 177 cracked edges and a few snapz i didnt know when to stop
Weaknesses: Jelous people mockn its sparkly goodness

Kink 2008
Ride - Kink
Built with the rail kid in mind, the Kink can really take a beating due to Ride’s very own Cleave Edge and 85A SlimewallsTM. With the input of Justin Hebbel and Darrell Mathes, this soft, buttery board is our definitive jib deck at the best value money can buy. More»

by Anonymous on 11.10.2010
Strengths: This board is AWESOME never had any problems and its still in awesome condition.
Weaknesses: NONE

by Anonymous on 02.22.2009
Strengths: Great feel and control
Weaknesses: Top sheet started peeling off between my bindings after the first day. Board ended up splitting at the junction of a letter and the base

by Anonymous on 05.28.2008
Strengths: its fricken sweet
Weaknesses: none