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Rome  Maker:  Rome
 Category:  Binding
 Model:  390 Boss
 Year:  2011
 Price:  $230 (MSRP)

4.5 Stars Based based on
3 votes on 2014-12-01 15:21:19
V-Rod Baseplate
Yes, I Cant InBase System
UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
390 Asym Highback
ConFormist.2 Toe Strap with Toe Jam
Contour Ankle Strap
SubBase-V Pad
Highback Rotation
9Times Ankle Strap Positioning
Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp
QuickStrap.2 Technology
QuickLock Forward Lean
Available colors:Blue, Black/White, Black
Rome 390 Boss, 2011
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Armed with the full array of new 390s weaponry—the V-Rod Baseplate and Asym Highback—the 390 Boss straps in freestyle flexibility with classic UnderWrap power. Bone out tricks old-school style or get over your tail on a press, and still have the direct connection necessary for exploding the tops of a pillow line. The Boss edition ups the level with the added customization of the Yes, I Cant InBase padding system. Run the cant pads for added power on Rocker boards, or run the flat pads for a traditional stance.
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