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 Maker:  ThirtyTwo
 Category:  Boots
 Model:  86 FastTrack
 Year:  2011

3.5 Stars on 2010-11-09 10:53:12
Flex level: 4/10
FastTrack Lacing- Patent Pending
Internal Lacing System
3-D Molded Tongue
Available Colors: Blue/Black/White, Black/Red/White, Maroon/Black/White
Available Sizes: Mens 5-14, 7.5-11.5
ThirtyTwo 86 FastTrack, 2011
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Joe Sexton Signature Product In 1986, Joe Sexton dressed like a stormtrooper for Halloween. Well, okay, thatís not true, because he wasnít born yet. But he knows now that he doesínt want his boots to make him look like a stormtrooper when heís snowboarding. The 86 FastTrack brings the skate origins of ThirtyTwo with a low-profile sole, without sacrificing crucial impact protection. Add our FastTrack Lacing, and youíve got a custom fit each time you lace up.
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